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Our Satellite March...

Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia


Time: 0900 Local (GMT +11)

Start: Mangrove Bay Marina

0657.5 N / 15812.1 E

End: Pohndollap Mountain, Sokeh's Ridge


Approx. 2.5 miles with an elevation gain of 276 meters. 




Photo Documentation


We started at Mangrove Bay. Thanks to Kumer and Antonia Panuelo for welcoming us. First to arrive were Rey, Isabel, Joer and Emma.

Just after 9 am, the group started the climb up to the main road. The weather cooperated.

Crossing the causeway to Sokeh's Island, the marchers began to climb to Pohndollap, also known as Sokeh's Ridge.

Just above Sokeh's Municipal Government building, Emma and Helen were shaded by some of Pohnpei's magnficent banana trees

Joer posed at the switchback. Thankfully Pohnpei's volcanic origin gives it some refuge from rising ocean levels.

A brief rest to enjoy the view and snap a few photos before the steepest part of the climb.

Marchers went at their own pace and stopped often to chat and enjoy the views. Helen, Allain & Philip were tackling the steepest part of the road.

Once at the top, the trail turned north and followed the ridge to the highest point, Pohndollap at 276 meters. Lorikeets chittered away in the canopy.

Breadfruit lined the trail and were covered in fruit. Their beautiful leaves are impressive.

At Pohndollap's peak there are cell phone towers and old WWII installations and a view of Pohnpei's fragile reef and a large tuna trans-shipment fleet.

Iconic Sokeh's Rock was actually below us.

Our marchers (except two): Helen, Yenti, Philip, Allain, Leslie, Emma, Rey, Ray, Isabel & Joer.

Mark & Denise were our other marchers, bringing us to a total of twelve.

Allain, an oceanographer and Philip, a sailor

Family portrait: Joer, Emma, Rey & Isabel. Emma and Rey are Math Science faculty at the College of Micronesia.

Yenti & Ray. Yenti is a mathematician who also teaches at COMFSM.

Here we are: Philip & Leslie. Leslie was a microbiologist.

Our participants signed their names on our poster before turning around and heading back downhill. We had a multi-national crowd representing China, Canada, the Philippines and the US. A few gentle rain showers reminded us we were in Pohnpei.





Local Contact:  Leslie Linkkila, +691 926 3052




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