[Liapari Island, Western Province, Solomon Islands; S 07 58 / E 156 43]

We spent the entire South Pacific cruising season of 2012 in the Solomon Islands.  It was an eventful season, though the biggest event by far was the heart attack  Philip suffered a heart attack while free diving to clean Carina's hull.  Let's just say that made an impression.   Thankfully, he was evacuated to and then treated in Australia and returned ready to go sailing again.  Later in the season we faced yet another haulout and made our way to lovely Liapari Island.  Here we were enveloped in the warmth of the place....the beauty, the lovely hosts - Noel and Rosey - and the competent crew.  Once again afloat, we took their guestbook home to add our entry and discovered this recipe from the British vessel Mau. 

10 L water

1 kg sugar

juice of four lemons

four pieces of ginger

two heaping tsp. yeast

Peel ginger and chop roughly.  Bring to boil in pan with water.  Simmer 20 minutes.  Add sugar and stir.  Let cool.  Strain ginger from liquid and then add lemon juice and yeast.  Stir daily.  Bottle at 10 days.  Add 1 level tsp. sugar to each botttle, store for one week and the place in 'frig.