[Majuro, Marshall Islands; 0707' N / 17122.'E]


Chicken Fortunada is a family recipe of Philip's family and always a favorite aboard Carina.  Fortunada Vitale married Philip's uncle Salvadore and they had a long and close relationship.  At their small home in suburban Waterbury, CT, they had an extensive garden, made their own wine and always served abundant and hearty cuisine.  


While we were in Majuro, grilling aboard was often a challenge due to strong tradewinds coming over the low-lying Majuro motu.  Just after the vernal equinox as the sun crossed the equator and started its journey north, we had a respite from howling winds and decided to resurrect this tasty dish.


1 whole chicken, skinned, de-fatted and cut into pieces, left bone-in




extra virgin olive oil

red wine vinegar

three cloves garlic, sliced thinly

fresh or dried basil leaves

sprinkle hot pepper flakes

fresh celery leaves, chopped (optional)


Mix marinade in covered bowl, add chicken pieces and spoon marinade liberally over all pieces, turning as necessary.   Cover and allow to marinate for 4-6 hours (or all day if refrigeration is possible).  Cook slowly by grilling, spooning marinade over chicken as it grills.  Serve with risotto and a simple salad for a tasty, healthy meal.