[Sokeh's Harbor, Pohnpei, Fed.States of Micronesia; 06บ 58 'N/158บ 12' E]

Bong, Daniel and Henry Pyo came into the anchorage at Pohnpei in October 2013.  These novice cruisers were enthusiastic, energetic, and all around delightful human beings.  They hail from the island province of Jeju-do in the Republic of Korea.   While in Pohnpei they were actively involved in planning their trip towards Japan and then Korea with a plan to bring Latitude Attitude to Jeju-do.  The cruising community surrounding them at the time was very strong and we had much fun amongst the boats hailing from Holland, Japan, Britain, Australia and the US.  On their voyage north, Bong and the boys encountered a strong storm that blew away their bimini and left them dangerously exposed to the sea and every wave washing over them.   They experienced five knockdowns.  They were eventually helped by the Japanese Coast Guard and were removed from Latitude Attitude and are safe.  Latitudes Attitudes continued to take on water while under tow and eventually sank...a sad ending to a dream cruise.


kimchi*, roughly 1/4 cup

3 eggs, beaten

water, ca. 1/8 cup

flour to thicken


optional: other vegetables, such as kang kong, spinach


Beat eggs with water and add flour to make a thin batter.  Add kimchi and other vegebles.  Cook in light oil and an omelet pan over medium heat.  Slice and serve like a pizza. 


*Real kimchi is cabbage and other secret spices that is fermented in a barrel for approximately a year.  In many places, prepared kimchi can be purchased in jars or in pouches.