[Antigua de Guatemala, Guatemala; circa 14º 30' N/90º 50' W]

Delia Ramirez de Pasada and Carlos Pasada were our host family when we studied Spanish in lovely, historic Antigua de Guatemala.  Delia's cooking was wonderful and satisfying and we ate well.  This traditional Guatemalteco recipe varies widely around Guatemala in color and flavor, though Delia's was the best we had.  We have included some translation from Spanish and also interpretations from Delia's dramatic demonstration, provided one evening after cena.


Meat - Chicken e.g., breast with bone or beef

Chile Paza (black), 1 pieza (one large piece)

Chile Güaque (red), 1 pieza (one large piece)

Pepitoria (pumpkin seeds), about 1/3 cup

Ajonjolin (sesame seeds), about 1/3 cup

Rajita Canela Entera (whole cinnamon stick), approx. 2 inches long

Tomate Fresca (fresh tomatoes), 5 Roma type, washed and chopped

Miltomate (tomatillo), ca. 15 peeled and washed

Ajo, un diente, (garlic), one clove

Cebollo (onion), one small, peeled and chopped

Cilantro, fresh, small bouquet, chopped

Chicken Stock, dry is ok., ca. 1 Tb

Flour, ca. 1 Tb for thickening

Papa (Potato) or Güisquil)


Todo esto se pone adorar, cuando ya esta dorado, todo junto se licua.  Y se hecha en el caldo de donde se cocio las carnes. Se pone a hervir, cuando ya esta cocido, se hechan las carnes (papa  o güisquil) despues se disuelve un poco de harina de pan en un vaso, y luego hechar a la olla para espezar. sal al gusto, y a comer, fin.


In a covered dry frying pan, brown separately chiles, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, cinnamon stick, cilantro, onion and garlic, setting each aside.  Soak peppers in a little water while browning other ingredients.  Combine tomatoes and tomatillos and cook down.  Combine these with all browned ingredients, including chiles and liquefy.   Add a chicken stock and salt to your taste.  Cook meat and papas separately.  When ready, thicken pepián with a little bread flour dissolved in a glass of water.  Place meat and papas in a deep plate or shallow bowl and cover with hot pepián.  Eat!  (Rice is also a nice accompaniment.)