[Vaka'eitu, Vava'u, tonga 18 43.37 S, 174 05.92W ]

While anchored at Vaka'eitu within the Vava'u group of islands in Tonga, we met a lovely family.  As it turns out, friends had met Ben and Fa'aki Fifita and their six lovely children - Roxanne, Tomi, Koloa, Maile, Tatai and William - months before we did at a Tongan feast they were giving in their village of Matamaka to celebrate their daughter's passing (with award-winning marks) the high school entrance examination.   After we met Ben and Fa'aki, we traveled with friends to the village to attend church and enjoy a Tongan feast of our own beneath a beachside ovava tree (banyan).  At this lovely lunch, Fa'aki served this traditional Tongan refreshment.  This recipe can be made with other fruits such as pineapple or watermelon.


4 mangos, peeled and shredded

1 can coconut milk (Fa'aki makes her's fresh!)

sugar to taste

+/- 1 liter fresh water

ice, if available


Mix all except ice and chill.  Serve with or blend with ice.