[Balboa, Cuidad de Panamá, Rep. of Panamá; 08º 56'N/079º 33 W]


We made this dish for a party in honor of the 50th birthday of Frank of SV Windsong.  We found this yummy Indonesian dish in "The Essential Gally Companion" by Amanda Swan-Neal but it was contributed by "Carol of the yacht Elyxir"; thus the name.  We made a few changes, such as substituting red/orange bell pepper (for green), hoisin sauce for sweet soy sauce and garam masala for the cardamom.   The instructions for preparation have also been modified significantly.


4 cups rice - cooked

1 cup chicken (one boneless breast is good) - cut into small pieces

1/2 cup cabbage - shredded

1-2 bell peppers - chopped

1 celery stalk (with leaves) - chopped

2 green onions (scallion) - chopped

1 carrot - grated

1 large or 2 small onion - finely chopped

1 can coconut milk (NOT cream)

3 - 4 garlic cloves - minced

2 T oil e.g., sunflower

2 T lemon or lime juice

2 T hoisin sauce (or sweet soy sauce)

1/2 t each -

    cardamom (or garam masala)


    chili pepper flakes

    ginger - grated

 salt & pepper to taste

fresh tomato and / or fresh basil garnish optional.


Soak rice in fresh water with a teaspoon of salt, 1 hour.  Rinse and cook rice on high heat until almost all water is gone; turn off heat and cover and allow to steam.  Leave covered.

In a covered pressure cooker,  cook chicken in oil.  Add dry spices, lemon juice, onion and garlic and cook until onion is translucent.   Meanwhile chop, grate or shred cabbage, bell pepper, celery, green onion, carrot and ginger; combine and set aside.   In a cup, combine hoisin with ca. 1 cup (shaken) coconut milk (no need to mix).

Add combined vegetables to chicken & onion mixture once onion is translucent.  Cook ca. 3 minutes; be sure not to overcook vegetables.   Add rice, coconut milk/hoisin and mix to combine all ingredients.  If necessary pour in more coconut milk (it will be absorbed), stir, cover with pressure cooker cover and cook at LOW, LOW heat for ca. 15 minutes (it may not come to pressure).  Garnish & serve immediately or - if you do not crack lid of pressure cooker - somewhat later.