[Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji; 1646.63'S / 17920.07'E]


The style of mayonnaise sold in most of the Pacific Islands is thin and heavily sweetened - intolerable in Philip's opinion.  Specialty stores, when you could find them, sell American brands but the prices were roughly 300% too high.  The one big American warehouse store we found also sold American brands but in quantities designed to serve a small sized city, much too big for a small boat with only two of us aboard..


We lamented about this sad state of affairs until one day, Alice aboard the yacht Intention told us that making mayonnaise was quite simple.  She and Jim showed up one day and demonstrated this magic in Carina's galley and we were thrilled.  Here's her recipe:


2 whole eggs at room temperature

1 Tb lemon juice, lime juice or vinegar/egg

~ 2 cups cooking oil (canola or sunflower oil are just fine)

pinch salt & pepper to taste

pinch dried mustard or even roasted curry mixture (optional)


In a wide mouth jar with a hand held food processor or in a food processor or blender, add eggs and lemon juice and ~ 2 Tbs oil.  Add salt & pepper.  Add additional spices if desired (mustard, curry, garlic).  Begin blending and after roughly 30 seconds begin adding the remaining oil in small quantities, a dollop at a time.  The mixture will continuously thicken.  Stop adding oil when you have reached the consistency you desire.