[Asuncion, Baja California Sur, Mexico; 27║ 08.1'N/114║ 17.4' W]

In the tiny town of Asuncion we were greeted and hosted by Shary Bondy, who along with her fiancÚ Juan Arce Marron and daughter, Sirena (mermaid), lives in a small home on a rocky shore overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Shary is Canadian by birth but has adopted Mexico as her home.  Shary was generous in helping us to provision and also helped us to select some local foods to sample.  Among them were hibiscus flowers that are made into a tea called Jamaica.  On Carina we try to have a liter of Jamaica always chilled as it is refreshing and is high in vitamins.  A physician in Puerto Vallarta also advised a friend that it is recommended to prevent kidney stones but we also learned that it's reputed to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and help balance blood sugar!


1 liter fresh water

Approx. 10 dried hibiscus flowers

honey to taste


Add flowers and honey to water.  Bring to boil.  Turn off heat and allow to cool to room temperature.  Decant and remove flowers if desired (we usually leave them in).


Alternatively, and if the sun is shining, add flowers to water and set out in a covered vessel (e.g. glass jar, pop bottle, camping bottle) early in the day in a sunny spot.  Bring in late in the afternoon, add honey immediately and agitate to dissolve when the tea is still warm.  Chill.