[Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico; 31 52.3'N / 116 45.8' W]

Our first day in Mexico turned out to be Revolution Day; November 20, 2003.  Offices were closed and everyone was out enjoying the day - schoolchildren in their uniforms fresh from marching in parades, grandparents, parents and children.  We didn't know this until we donned our best port captain "uniforms" and set off for our first port clearance in Mexico.  Thwarted, we returned to the boat to change into our "civies".  Shortly thereafter we saw a beautiful little ketch anchor to our south.  This was Jovita ("hove-ee-TAH").  Intrigued, we rowed over.  This was the beginning of a new friendship with John and Nia Schmidt who were returning to the states after a year cruising Mexico.  Later we had the good fortune to invite them over and absorb some of their knowledge and enthusiasm.  They brought with them that evening this simple to prepare but oh so luscious little appetizer and everytime we've used it since, we've been flooded with requests for the recipe.


Jalapenos, en escabeche (pickled with onions and carrots), 1 large can

Tuna, 1 can in water

ca. 1/4 c mayonnaise (to proper consistency)

Pinch paprika


Drain jalapenos.  Slice each longitudinally, remove seeds and stem.  Set aside.  Chop fine the onions and carrots from the can of jalapenos.  Drain tuna.  Add to mixing bowl with mayonnaise and chopped onion and carrots.    Mix until well blended.  Add a heaping dollop of this mixture to each half jalapeno and arrange on a serving dish in a single layer until all are filled.  Sprinkle a spare layer of paprika for a bit of color.  Serve immediately or cover and chill.