Puget Sound/Preparation

[Spring & Summer 2003]



Carina was new to us in 1999, and we wasted no time constructing a (scaled down) Chameleon dinghy and taking her cruising so we could learn how best to sail her.


spent a bit of the spring of 2003 in Port Townsend's Boat Haven so she would be ready to depart for points south by summer.

Westerbeke Bye Bye

Discovery of some oil behind the engine made us choose to repower. Galmukoff Marine just happened to have a Yanmar 3GM30F in stock.


was "high" on our list. Port Townsend Rigging pulled her mast, painted it, and made some valuable modifications.

Working at Mariner Bank

had advantages; Philip's desk was less than a half of a mile from the boat. Port Townsend Rigging spyed Philip on his lunch hour working and just had to capture this funny scene.

Splash Day

And Carina was returned to her element, the sea.


And waiting to return down-sound to Kingston for our final push to departure.

New Sails

We dusted off the new (and upgraded) sails as often as we could.

Meanwhile in Kingston

Leslie dispensed with as much of our accumulated belongings as she could, and educated herself in such things as radio email, weather resources, provisioning, websites and medical supplies, etc.

St.Vincent de Paul

visited more than once, even taking Leslie's childhood saddle.


wasn't sure about what was going on, but he definitely did not like it.


was vital as we were leaving the US for what we hoped would be many years. We would find out later that we could get almost anything in Mexico that we could get in WA!

Mariner Bank

sent Philip off with a fine party and a lovely, practical boat accessory.


Leslie was anxious just to bring everything aboard and go, but Philip insisted we approach this "final" packing methodically. Where to put the sewing machine was one of the most critical decisions.

We Would Depart

when we were ready and not before, so we gave no date or time. As it turned out, Richard and Beth Smith were on the dock at just the time we were ready to shove off.

After a Brief Stay

in Port Townsend to take care of last minute business, we departed for Port Angeles where we would meet our good friend Howard Hanners who would sail to San Diego aboard Carina.