Passage to and San Diego

[August - September 2003]


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Howard Hanners

joined us in Port Angeles. A lifelong sailor who had yet to make an offshore passage. He would be valuable crew.

Cape Flattery Astern

August 18, 2003

Beating Offshore

to put miles between Carina and a lee shore, made our first evening interesting.

Jake Was Smart

He found the coziest corner with the best ride. He was kind enough to move over and share his bunk when we needed it.

Howard on Watch

After a few days feeling queezy, Howard settled into reading. We tried to keep him well fed.

130 NM Offshore

We encountered fewer ships than we would have closer inshore, but our sailing was spirited.

Everyone Took Their Turn

Leslie especially loved the dawn watch.


We all slept well.

Point Loma Through the Fog

On day 12 we had no wind, so we motored through the hazy morning to reach San Diego before nightfall. Howard was anxious to fly home to a warm shower and a bed that did not sway.

And the Skyline

was great to see from sea.

Point Loma's Old Lighthouse

welcomed us.

Tight Accommodations

but welcoming. Through the small sailing network, we secured a berth alongside the high seas (commercial) fuel dock in San Diego.


A trip to the Blue Sails for a celebratory libation was in order.

Fire Season

was horrible that fall as we hunkered down to, once again, prepare to go south.


scenes made us happy we were afloat and able to go to sea if we needed to


Jake adapted to being aboard quite nicely now that the boat was stable.

Old Friend & New Ones Too

The Berezin Family


Dennis and Fredricka helped us in so many wonderful ways - and were quite entertaining - while we worked to prepare.

Seattle Sailing Friends

Chris and Chris who would later sail away aboard Scintilla.

North County Bank Friends

Carol and Wayne Barstow

Leslie's Work Friends

MaryBeth from Eppendorf Scientific

Karin Hughes

from Prolinx

Adios San Diego!

Hola Mexico!