Baja California Mexico

[Nov-Dec 2003, April-May 2004]



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the mooring lines in San Diego on November 19, 2003! Mexico, here we come...

San Diego

astern under a fresh breeze.


Renewing our nighttime watch-keeping might take awhile. Thankfully, this was only a single overnight passage.


Pelicans greeted us as we went ashore in Ensenada

Dressed in Our

crew shirts, we sought out authorities to check into the country, only to be thwarted by Revolution Day festivities. So, we celebrated too!

Fish Tacos?

One batch and Philip was converted from a skeptic to an afficionado.

San Quintin

Islas San Benitos

Isla Cedros

Bahia Tortugas

Bahia Ascuncion

High Pressure Gale

Bahia Santa Maria

Cabo San Lucas

Los Frailes

La Paz