Philippines, Mindanao, Samal & Sarangani Islands


Kadayawan Festival, Davao


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Download a video of Carina's Crossing of the Philippine Sea.




Meaning "boat" in Tagalog, the language of the Philippines, this monster trimaran was over 100 miles at sea. Around it was a swarm of tiny bangkita trimarans fueled by tiny diesel engines.


Fish accumulating devices are difficult to see at sea.

But They're

BIG and hard and you don't want to hit them.

And It's

GONE again

Caraga Bay

Mindanao Island offered us a refuge from horrible weather generated by super typhoon Halong far to our north.

The Family

was on vacation at the home of the inlaws who lived in the bay. Grandpa hammed it up for the camera and we posed ourselves for them to shoot us.


Mindanao near Pujada Bay, just east of the Davao Gulf


in (what we call) a bangkita near one of the ubiquitous FADs along the coast


are usually brightly painted which presumably helps with safety

Carina Arrives

safely at Oceanview Marina on Samal Island, Davao Gulf

Samal Island

is connected to Davao City by the Samal Island ferry

The Ferry

has two such helmsman stations, one facing east and the other west (or is it bow and stern?)

Maybe We

qualify? Maybe not.


with Glenda and Eddy arrived in Samal a week or so before we did.

Davao City

is a lively container port with tugs of all sizes


is the suburb where the Samal Island ferry lands. The stilt homes surprised us.

Abundant Amazing

food is offered in Davao City's big grocery stores. In Gaisano I discovered decorated fish slices! Incredible. As it turns out these are made for special occasions such as New Year's in Japan. This design is called sho-Chiku-bai and represents cherry blossoms, pine and bamboo (Thank you for that Diane Clark!).


are the buses in Davao...accommodations are rustic and they are filled until every inch of bench is occupied


jams are common at rush hour...or really any hour

Jeepney Riding

was full of great people watching opportunities

Classic Jeepneys

are few but great to see

Reflection of

a Jeepney Jam


"kee NEE lao" a Filipino specialty similar to Poisson Cru

Kadayawan Festival

of the harvest


is the market town on Samal Island. Sunday is market day.


transportation on Samal Island is by trike...a motorcycle with a crude buggie bolted to it.

Need Chow for the

chickens? the goats? the cows?


grown produce is fresh, lovely and cheap


is a local specialty said to taste luscious if you can get by the vomit smell


you could want is at the market on Sunday

Street Kids

always find us and we try to help

Dried Fish

is a staple of the diet

Small Packages

are affordable on Filipino wages


butcher lady with an ultra-clean establishment


was amongst the catch of the day


out for the knife...

Homeward Bound

back to the marina by trike

Holiday Oceanview Marina

Samal Island, Davao Gulf

Sail Indonesia Rally Group

with Dr. Aji, our sponsor, of ASWINDO

And Then There was the PARTY

at Camp Holiday

Where there was Singing


And Eating

abundant local cuisine including stinky things like durian

And Speeches

And Gifts

this is the artist posing with our custom-made rally plaque

And Camaraderie

And then Departure...

this is Marites & Luis of the yacht Emma Peel

And Well-Wishers

such as Terry of the yacht Valhalla

When We Returned

two months later, we stopped at the Sarangani Islands on the far SW corner of the Davao Gulf. This small bangka came by one day heading for the reef nearby laden down with fish traps.


another bangka under sail, came by trolling as he traveled south with the light NE winds

Port Patuco

on Sarangani Is

land provided a secure anchorage for Emma Peel & Carina as we made our way into the Davao Gulf

Some Homes

here took advantage of the calm waters and required no land ownership

This Lovely

family came and offered us roasted bananas which we simply had to try.


was a woman who had befriended other friends and who proved to be a sweet, lovely lady.

Her Home

sits on a peninsula between two bites in the bay which have been dammed to create fish ponds. Eight family members live in these two tiny structures.

We Visited

the fish farm where they are cultivating a white fish known locally as bangus ("BANG goose")


is another cash crop for the family

The Town

of Port Patuco, nearer to the mouth of the bay, is just two tiny streets that surround an inner lagoon. Our visit prompted a general rush to the street to watch as we passed.


are also motorized for transport across open water to Balut or to the "mainland" Mindanao.

This Bangka

for open-water transport had two engines, shafts & propellers.

Potted Plants

in recycled paint tins graced this tiny shop - one of perhaps a dozen for about two dozen homes.

A Band of Munchkins

accumulated as we walked through town.

The Munchkins

were gleeful and friendly and very curious about our every stop. We eventually bought the whole entourage sweets.

Living Water

yeah, right. Click the thumbnail and read the advertisement if you want a giggle.

This Munchkin

was begging. We refused. He was smart enough to forge ahead and help us with the dinghy, so we gave him a bit of change in return for his capable assistance. He did look as if he needed it.

The Local Vehicle

in Port Patuco are these small bangkas which efficiently glide through the calm shallow waters