[ February 2006 - May 2006 ]


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Lovely Sailing

Carina under sail between Isla Cebáco and Ensenada Naranjo, Pacific western Panamá, February 2006 (Alaskason photo).


Isolated Rocky Islands

Alkahest motoring near Isla Parida, Panamá (Mira photograph).

Tropical Winter Olympics???

Cruisers gathered at Isla Parida, Panamá for the (first annual?) Tropical Winter Olympics organized by Jay and Danica of Alkahest (Mira photograph).



Ice Skating?

Danica, of Alkahest, demonstrates ice skating techniques at the Tropical Winter Olympics, Isla Parida, Panamá, 2006.

Bahía Honda

Landlocked Bahía Honda provides a quiet anchorage for Carina during winter northerly winds.

Niños in Cayucos Came Visiting

Niños in cayuco watch intently as Carina lifts anchor near mansion, Bahia Honda, Panamá


Bahía Honda's Patriarch

Domingo, a finca owner in Bahía Honda, Panamá transports Carina's water jug to his well using his vintage cayuco.


Cayuco vs. Dinghy

Bacio, Carina's lanchita, resting near Domingo's cayuco, Bahía Honda, Panamá.

Parque Naciónal Isla Coiba

Leslie hiking amongst the rocks at low tide, Ensenada Santa Cruz, Isla Coiba, Panamá.

Ensenada Santa Cruz

Carina anchored near reef at Ensenada Santa Cruz, Isla Coiba, Panamá.

White Sand & Blue Water

Philip enjoying pure white sand of beach at Isla Coiba, Panamá.


Island Packet, Songline with Barbara and John aboard, anchored near Granita de Oro, Parque Nacional Isla Coiba, Panamá.

Isolated Beauty

Looking north from Ensenada Santa Cruz, Isla Coiba, Panamá.

Pleasant Interesting Visitor

Officer Peñalba of the Panamanian Policia Nacional visited Carina at Ensenada Cativito (aka Puerto Escondido), Panamá.

Hard Working Public Servants

Officer Peñalba returned later with comrades for refreshments and photos.


Philip struggles with proceeds from trading with campesinos in Ensenada Cativito, Panamá.

Condos Coming Soon...

Pristine isolated Ensenada Muerto, Panamá may soon be home to development.

Food Exchange

Vessel Paradiso with Dana and Judy aboard approach Carina for food exchange, Isla San Jose, Perlas Islands, Panamá.

Isla Contadora

Paradiso anchored at the "nude beach" Isla Contadora, Perlas Islands, Panamá. is dwarfed by the island's supply boats,

Spring Happens in Islas Las Perlas

Resort and village on tiny Isla Contadora, Perlas Islands, Panamá begins to bloom, March 2006.

New Passage Transits Canal

Rick (She Wolf) and Philip watch as New Passage travels under the Puenta de Las Americas to begin transiting the Panamá Canal northbound.

Miraflores Locks...first going North

Bob of New Passage watches while gate in Miraflores Locks, Panamá Canal, refuses to close.

Gatun Lake

Bob and Cheryl Ray's New Passage spent the night in Gatun Lake tied to this enormous spongy rubber mooring.

Gatun Locks...Almost the Atlantic

Leslie and Philip linehandling aboard New Passage in the Gatun Locks, Panamá Canal, April 2006.

Squished into Gatun Locks

A car carrier looms large behind New Passage in the Gatun Locks

Alkahest Transiting

On March 1, 2007 we line handled for good friends Jay and Danica aboard Alkahest who were relocating to the Chesapeake Bay area (Alkahest photo).

Human Mules

Big ships are controlled by mechanical mules on tracks; small boats like Alkahest are attended to by humans who have a dangerous job (Alkahest photo).

Balboa Yacht Club yard

Crew Yanito and Chico help celebrate the completion of work on Carina, Balboa Yacht Club, Balboa Panama, April 2006.

Maintenance Never Ends

Carina sits on tidal railway at Balboa Yacht Club Panamá receiving a touch up to her paint.

Rio Chagres

To visit the Emberá Drua Village on the Rio Chagres we were met by villagers and their cayucos at an isolated landing.

Young Embera Guides

Ronaldo, a young, fit Emberá Drua man stood on the cayuco bow and directed the pilot in sing song whistles or pushed as required.

Sometimes the River Got Shallow

Traveling up the Rio Chagres to the Emberá Drua village required occasional help from Dwight (Mira), Frank (Windsong) and Philip.

Introduction to EmberaDrua Village

After disembarking at the Emberá Drua village, a spokesman (and grandson of village founder) gave us a presentation.

Open, Raised Floor Homes

The Emberá Drua village sits high above a bend in the Rio Chagres on what has become national park land.

World Famous Baskets

Emberá Drua women collect, dye and construct baskets from palms.

Patience and Skill

An Emberá Drua (Darien) basket may take a woman (like Andrea) a month to complete.

Raw Materials

Woman wearing traditional (non-permanent) tatoos signifying her availability to couple, explains how baskets are made.

Beautiful and Functional

Darien baskets are composed of different materials derived from palms, dyed naturally and the woven into intricate and dense functional baskets.


Andrea, an Emberá Drua woman, poses wearing an elaborate bead necklace worn for the benefit of visitors.

Joyous Music and Dancing

Emberá Drua villagers dance with joy to traditional instruments, despite the blazing sun and humidity.

Innocence and Charm

Emberá Drua infant girl tries to entice Leslie into reaching a tame parakeet for her.

Medicine Man

The eighty four year old village medicine man surges ahead as we hike to into the jungle to view medicinal plants.

Natural Materials

An Emberá Drua medicine man shows us one of the palms used to make baskets by his people.

Representations of Prosperity

This Emberá Drua child shows off her coin necklace that represents the wealth of her family.

Contact with the Outside World

An incongruous satellite telephone booth sits in the Emberá Drua village, installed by the Panamá Canal for river height reports (Windsong photo).


Dwight of vessel Mira, helps himself to almuerzo offered by our Emberá Drua hosts.

Natural Foods

Philip enjoys a lunch of fish and plantains prepared on a wood fire built in low box of sand on a raised floor palm cooking hut.

Wash Basin

An intricately carved tortuga basin is presented to our party for cleansing our hands after eating our lunch of fried fish and plantains.

Beautiful People

Emberá Drua beauty and her infant child.

Just Visiting is a Learning Experience

We were thrilled to spend time with Andrea and her small son simply visiting.

Youthful Innocence

Andrea's young son is curious about the visitors to his village.

Taboga Village

The village at Isla Taboga near Panamá City hugs the hillside of the tiny mountainous island.

Isla de Flores

Isla Taboga is known for its abundant flowers.

Gauguin Was Here

Isla Taboga hosted a yellow fever sanitorium during canal construction. This historic building suggests the painter Gauguin was a patient.


Isla Otoque in the Golfo de Panamá sees few visitors. Pliñio appointed himself our guide to this tiny island of two villages.

Otoque Oriental

A long hot hike over the island brought us to Otoque Oriental where fishing pangas were idle for the two day fiesta de Fatima.


Otoque Oriental, a village of approx. 200 people, hosts the only escuela on Isla Otoque.

Tightly Packed Homes

Tiny ways designed for walking separate neat, tightly spaced homes in Isla Otoque.