Departing and Pacific Passage from Panam


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We spent a few months in Panama City preparing for our Pacific crossing. As such we spent many days out and about the city, getting "stuff". Diose drove us everywhere with patience and competence and became a good friend.

Napoli Party

All during our preparations, Philip would talk wistfully about making one last trip to Napoli's where he could enjoy a last wonderful pizza. We invited friends whom we felt we would not see for a long time or may never see again and we ended up with a crowd of 29. We had good fun, lots of laughs and many, many hugs.


We are ready!

Gloria Maris

As other cruisers know, you are known by your boat name. Tom and Lilliana have become good friends. Unfortunately for us, they are going east into the Caribbean.


Barb and Gary have recently returned from the Caribbean; happy to be back in the Pacific. Their boat name is pronounced Hoo'-Rah!

Cat'N About

Rob and Linda have slowly worked their way south down to Panama; we first met them in Tenacatita Mexico.


Recent owners of a trimaran they hope to charter, Brad and Debbie are enthusiastic cruisers who have quickly gotten absorbed into the community


We go back many years with Bill and Doreen and always love to spend time swapping stories and experiences.


Susurru means a gentle shooshing noise which aptly describes Tom and Carol. Their ketch is a "work in progress" (which sat for 15 years in a field) and is looking good now!


We met Dan and Lorraine 2004 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and it was wonderful to reunite with them in Panama. Unfortunately for us, they're headed to the Med.


We were loaded down with hundreds of pounds of provisions but felt light as the sun shone brightly and the wind gods gave us great air. We departed the Panama City anchorage, La Playita ("little beach") on Monday Feb 16, 2009 bound for Islas Las Perlas where we would paint our dinghy and complete our passage checklist. Little did we know...

Near disaster but, really, a good thing

Climbing the mast to check the rig, Philip called down, "oh @+#&@$*; Leslie thought he was kidding....this is our forestay which was hanging by very few of its original 19 wires. We had to turn back...but not until...

Takin' it Down

Though "stabilized" with spare halyards, it was a risk to travel back to Panama 60 miles with the furling gear literally hanging by a few wire threads. The anchorage was flat with a light breeze the day we decided to take down the forestay.

Back up the mast

Philip heads back up the mast to begin the process of lowering the forestay and Profurl unit.

Deck "crew"

We were joined on Carina by Larry and Angie (Tao 8) while Joe (Bluebottle) and Royce (RDreamz) stood by to receive the furling unit as it was lowered (RDreamz' Pam took these photos).


Joe (Bluebottle) and Royce (RDreamz) chat during a lull in the action.

Tying onto the Profurl

Philip hangs precariously from the damaged forestay while tying a rolling hitch to the furling unit.

Cruiser Community

The planning and execution of our forestay couldn't have happened without great, and experiened, friends.


Philip gets ready to lower the furling rig.

Down it comes...

The furling unit, consisting of a series of aluminum extrusions is gently lowered onto the looooong deck of Rdreamz where we later disassembled it to travel back to the city.

Vessel Underway....

After months of coming and going between Panama City and Islas Las Perlas and one false start a few days earlier, friends aboard Suwarrow Blues pulled up their anchor and were FINALLY and gleefully underway to the Galapagos.


Philip prepares King Neptune's offering (which is our finest ship's rum) just as we crossed the equator into the southern hemisphere.

Offering Accepted

After making our offering of rum and asking for Neptune's protection, Philip poses with our miniature crewmember, Gnomad (a envoy of an 8th grade class at Woodward Middle School, Bainbridge Island, WA).