Micronesia, Yap - Woleai

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a solitary sailboat riding at anchor in the lagoon at Woleai.

Canoe house

Each clan had a house for storing their canoes.

Chiefs Francisco

As in most traditional villages, we were required to have an audience with the chiefs of Woleai. Educated by the Japanese as a boy, older Francisco, though blind, was very sharp and very chiefly. Younger Francisco was clearly his protegee and only smiled approvingly at the elder chief's comments. (Lorelei Photo)

Tuba "Cutting"

is the collecting of the fermented palm sap. Note the ladder used to climb the trunk.

Fish Traps

made of bamboo lashed with twine are used throughout the Out Islands and each island has their own set of designs. (Lorelei Photo)

Plane wreck

Our young guide, Walton, took us into the jungle to the crash site of a Japanese bomber.

Japanese engine

The remains of this Japanese engine was mounted on concrete near the high school. Note the bullet depressions on the propeller, probably from a .50 caliber machine gun.

Bomb bunker

We saw a number of these bunkers on the island. Leftovers from the war.

Japanese bomber

Again, Walton guided us to this bomber in the jungle. Note the bullet holes in the fuselage. Japanese planes carried no armor in an effort to save weight and fuel costs.

Woleai Regional High School

Children from many of the out islands attend school here.

Woleai Sleeping Hut


have traditional colors and designs.

Woleai Trail

through the jungle.


our guide was supposed to be throwing leaves into the air for me to photo. He had overcome his shyness of us pretty quickly.

A rose between two thorns

Walton, 11, was and enthusiastic guide but, unfortunately, his English speech and understanding were limited.

Lisa and children

Lisa, s/v Lorelei, and some of the delightful kids we met.

Walton's shoes

We gave Walton a pair of clogs we had bought in Pohnpei in appreciation of his guiding tour.

Yosuke Uchiyama

was donating some of his skills in the construction of a satelite receiving station.