Micronesia - Pohnpei

Updated May 8, 2017

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Tucked In

to Kolonia Harbor after a long difficult passage, it felt a bit like coming home.

Saimon's Market

was livelier than ever and even better stocked with local foods.

Many Days

the parking lot was filled with farmer's bringing in fresh, local produce to sell. What a treat! Recina and her faithful crew help weigh in the goodies.

We Dove

into projects.

Michael & Birgitt

of Mariposa. Michael is a dentist who is doing gratis work on cleft palate patients at the Pohnpei National Hospital and who runs on board dental clinics in the out-islands.


of Deviant came for a visit (by airplane) and we got to spend some fun times with him and with new friends aboard Pacific Highway - Bruce and Laura - "telling stories".


harbor is alive and even with antifouling, we got fouled. Cleaning it was an all-morning affair and we got covered in tiny shrimp.

The Harbor

is a bit like a cemetery for fogotten boats!

Wet Season

means lots of squalls. The drought was over!

A Few Mornings

dawned clear and bright. A hint of dry season.

Morning Sun

on Sokeh's Ridge


was the biggest yacht we ever saw in Pohnpei. Surfers who generously entertained the Kapingamarangi kids who swam up to them from the village.

The Spanish Wall

softball field in Pohnpei has cool graphics of both girls and boys.


came to town. Leslie saw it twice ;-0

After Two Months

of trying, we bought a car. An ugly little old Toyota Starlet Philip calls "Streak"


season was busy time at the Pohnpei PO. Lovely Lily and her colleagues remained cheerful and efficient.

Even at

Ace "Office" - where most of the goods are now food - there was Christmas cheer.

Ace Commercial

took a more liquid approach to decorations.

Our Decorations

are usually minimalist.

The Tuna

commission's decorations were fun!

Antonia & Kumer

Panuelo, our friends and hosts at Mangrove Bay, joined us aboard Carina for some luscious DiNuovo lasagna and some holiday cheer.

An Enthusiastic

and international Christmas crowd gathered for a potluck ashore at Mangrove Bay

The Following

week, a special event, brought dancers, a comedian and a fire dancer. Bruce and Philip were sure to get pictured with the pretty women


really knew those Polynesian moves.

The Fire

dancer was from Yap

His Skills

were impressive


an assistant stood by with a bucket of water.

Air Nuigini

began service to Pohnpei and one day we met these interesting women from Port Moresby. They were looking for inspiration for the development of tourism infrastructure in their own country.

One Stormy Sunday

We joined Konami - Diane and John - on a snorkel trip with Laidenki Diving and Tours. It was a stormy day but underwater it was beautiful.


looking happy to be out on the water.

This Anemone

and its skunk anemonefish, ever so slowly closed while we tried to dive down and take this picture. It was a good ways down and those devilish little fish were intent on hiding!

A Juvenile

one-spot damselfish kept darting in and out of this tiny little hole in the coral just inside of the pass from the ocean.


March in Pohnpei - we were a small group - Jeanine Saia, Diane & John Clark and of course Leslie, but we wanted to join our sisters and supporters around the world.

Our Marching Route

was up Sokehs Ridge. We didn't have to fight crowds but the climb was signficant - straight up from sea level.


we saw some interesting wildlife who seemed unconcerned with our protest.

Bird and Butterflies

were more common than people on our route.


we did have these wee watchers who just happened to be showing their support of the pussies.

At the Peak

and in the rain, I donned a pantsuit jacket and we joined our sisters around the world standing up for human rights.


Clark joined our march and took most of the photos. Thanks John! We were four but we will be counted!

Before We

went to Thailand we had a fun lunch at the Joy Restaurant with Yenti & Ray


is a lush island and breadfruit flourishes

As do



Pohnpei is always interesting. It usually isn't hard to find Nemo.

Laidenki Divers

has trips every weekend. We often joined them when the sites were good for snorkelers. This is in a "blue hole" near Palikir pass

And Then

we marched for science. First to arrive were Rey, Emma, Isabel & Joer.

Just After

0900 we began with the steep climb out of Mangrove Bay

From Sealevel

again, the marchers started up Pohndollap - also known as Sokeh's Ridge


vegetation lined the road as we passed through the village.

At the Switchback

we paused for photos


Leslie, Denise, Philip, Joer, Allain, Emma and Rey


paused on the steepest part of the climb.

Yenti & Ray

forged ahead so they didn't "hold us back". They beat us to the top. Ray is going to be 87 this year!


trees and lorikeets!


Joer, Allain and Emma stroll along the ridge

At The

cell phone tower overlooking the purse seiner trans-shipment fleet we took photos.


suffering a bit from a back injury arrived a little later. Everyone made the top!


stood up for science.


iconic Sokeh's Rock was below our vantage point.


and Philip.

A Nice

spot to capture photos for posterity. Thanks for this photo Helen.

Yenti & Ray

feeling exhilarated.


remained snugly moored at Mangrove Bay as we prepared for our next long passage to Alaska


were hundreds of little and not-so-little projects to finish

We Took

the time to try to enjoy Pohnpei too. One type of event that brings out a crowd to Mangrove Bay are the fishing tournaments. Anglers young and old participate.

Mangrove Bay

adopted a newborn kitty and named her MBB. Being so young she struggled at first but she showed her fine tabby genes and survived and grew.

Yenti and Ray

organized a hike up the perimeter road at Sokehs. We had a nice group - Philip, Chuck (SV Deviant), Ray, Yenti, Helen, Eddy & Carol.

The trail

though overgrown a bit was lovely.


was heard more than seen but we saw a few interesting speciees.


on the WSW of Pohnpei is where Yenti and Ray's home is located. Their view of the lagoon to the NW is spectacular.

Carol & Eddy

provided a luscious lunch of cold noodles with tasty sidedishes.


visited Carina and made herself at home

A Goodbye

supper and parting gifts with Kumer & Antonia. We hoped the salmon - that knows its way home - will help them to find us for a visit!

Departure Day

May 16, 2017