Micronesia - Kosrae



December 2012


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Sleeping Lady is a stunning backdrop to Lelu Harbor.


from the easterly direction predominate here in the tropical northern hemisphere so surf on Kosrae's eastern shores is sobering. Its wide coral shelf protects the low-lying shore.

Kosrae's Churches

dominate the landscape and life here.

Evidence of Ancient

cultures persists at the Lelu and Menke Ruins. Unfortunately preservation funds are non-existent for these heritage sites.

Three Resorts

operate on Kosrae with diving as an emphasis. Kosrae Village resort is an "eco" resort which meant, as far as we could tell, rustic.

Leaf Roof

structures are now uncommon in Kosrae where nearly daily rain makes upkeep difficult.

Wrecked Cars

line most of Kosrae's roads. Inexpensive used cars from Japan are bought and run until they breakdown and then abandoned. There is no facility for vehicle repair on the island.

Family Burial

sites are common in the tropical Pacific and are often elaborately decorated. This plot's roof was also sheltering the family's drying laundry.


are vital to keeping Kosrae safe from storms and for supporting abundant sealife.

Cape Halgren

on Kosrae's NE corner dealt us strange currents and confused seas. Thankfully we had reasonable wind so we could sail safely clear of the hazardous lee shore.