Indonesia, Sulawesi...


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In the Lea

of Sulawesi the water is mostly calm during the SW monsoon season which allows for these tiny bamboo fishing platforms to stay attached to FADs. These fishermen have a radio and at least one bright light for fishing at night. A solar panel provides power. Thankfully they are well lit.


brought us opportunities to buy handicrafts from all over Indonesia. This ikat weaving combines resist dying (like is used in batik) of warp threads with colorful woven patterns. Made on a backstrap loom, this handmade treasure is 70" long and about 20" wide.

Kima Bajo

is a bay about a half an hour's drive from Manado, the capital of Suwalesi Utara (north). Cocotino's dive resort is ashore as is a neat village of kite-flying kids. Cool breezes, no bugs, beautiful tropical fish and sunsets over volcanoes...a perfect place to relax after rally rushing.

Latte Anyone?

Katrina enjoying a bit of civilization in Manado while

Glen & David

were caught surveying the burger menu at McDonald's in Manado

The Ring of Fire

means many active volcanoes and amazing colors to the sunsets.


it'a lovely too. These lovely velvety soft corals were almost mesmerizing as they swayed with the swell and current.

This Small

soft coral seemed almost too perfect...

A Cushion Starfish

most likely a Culcia novaeguineae sat quietly below....but he may have been munching on something underneath, it was hard to tell.

Our Favorite

new creature was this colorful sea squirt, a Polycarpa aurata, the seemed abundant and healthy.

These Beautiful

specimens were bright against the brain coral and unidentified purple feather coral (or worms...TBD).

Above Petimati

were hills calling to be climbed. One day we climbed three of them with David & Suzi of Sidewinder.

The First Hill

we climbed was the highest but did not give us a good view of our boats...but was still a fun climb.

As We

headed back towards the spot to descend, we took note of the the healthy reefs evident through the clear water. Our dinghies were in the bay below.

On the NE

end of Petimati bay was a lovely coral garden. We snorkeled this every chance we could get.

A Cowry

living happily amongst soft coral

The Coral Garden

was alive with fish.


spent much of her time trying to get good photos of the goofy clownfish, hiding in the anemones. Notice the tiny juvenile beside the larger parent.

On Two Separate

snorkeling expeditions in separate bays, we also spotted a snowflake moray eel. At first we didn't think it was a snowflake but later learned that individuals are uniquely patterned and colored!

This Giant Clam

wasn't quite yet a giant, only about eight inches long.

And Yet

another endearing image of a friendly "Nemo" in a beautifully colored swaying anemone

Soft Coral

provides a haven for tiny fish

This Creature

has so far eluded our identification but it looks like it's probably carnivorous