Indonesia, Morotai Island

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Sail Morotai

We made up a mini poster with the list of participating vessels and signed our names and gave this as a token of appreciation to the tourist office crew.

Cakalele Dancing

Is done on special occasions in Maluku province including the welcoming of guests - us. (This set of photos - 14 in all - are courtesy of yacht Helena.)

Young Women Performing

Yellow seemed to be the color of the day for these young dancers whose movements were very slow and controlled. The young women exhibited much just through their expressive eyes.

Mock Wedding

The dance featuring this couple was supposed to mimic the dances and music at a traditional Indonesian wedding. The young woman's movements were tiny and it took concentration to see her dance.

Dancing Men

Even the dance the men performed was replete with delicate hand gestures.

Traditional Indonesian Greeting

Luc (Sloepmouche) and Sue (Ocelot) - the rally organizers within the fleet - were treated with a traditional greeting of Morotai; washing of their feet with water and aromatic herbs.

Our Main Guide

Humphry (far right) represented our sponsor, ASWINDO, and was extremely versatile in helping us. (He was even a good karaoke singer!)

The Local Rag

We were all given copies of the local newspaper, Morotai Post, even though it is printed in Indonesian and none of us could read it. The two women with Eddy (s/v Helena) are Isra in front and Tal in purple.


Someone snapped our photo during the opening ceremony festivities.

Jackster and Anna

Dave and Jackie pose with Anna, one of the talented and smart tourist guides.


Indonesians LOVE karaoke and willingly pick up the microphone to perform. Here, Jackie (Slopemouche), Glenda (Helena) and Diana (Heather May) perform as well, much to the delight of the locals.

Kids and Bikes

It seems all of Indonesia travel on two wheels; from hugh motorcyles to scooters to bicycles.

Not Shy

Kids would flock to us and ask to have their pictures taken.

World War II Statue

This statue and an incredible musem under construction, mark the location of one of the landing sites where American forces came to fight the Japanese army.

Relative of Last Japanese Soldier

In 1974 (!), a WWII conscripted Taiwanese Japanese soldier named Nakasura, emerged from the bush to find out that Japan had surrended.29 years earlier. This man is a direct descendant

Snorkeling in Morotai

The tourist office offered many events for the visiting cruisers.

ZumZum Island

is dedicated to the memory of MacArthur who the residents of Morotai revere.


Morotai is predominantly Muslim and the adhan, call to prayer, is broadcast 5 times daily by the muezin. This tiny mosque is on an island in the lagoon.


Plants of every description grow in the warm sun.


interprets as we ask questions about the wedding mat. We kept asking questions and finally the artist was summoned.

Wedding Mat

This women was weaving a wedding mat when Leslie visited. The process would take two or three weeks and she would then sell the magnificent piece for about 500,000 rupiah or about $45

Wedding Mat Detail

Notice the rich, bright colors dyed into the pandanus fiber

Political Party Headquarters?

on the beach adjacent to the production of wooden boats. We never learned the details as few islanders here spoke any English

The Tourist Office Staff

This group took us on a tour of two waterfalls. Arfi, Choco, Tal, Yanni, Novha, Isra and Derwin.

Leo Leo Waterfall

The water was cool and refreshing and a number of kids as well as a few cruisers jumped in from the top!

Batu Kopi

or Coffee Rock, so named because you can detect a distinct smell of coffee when you get near.

Supper Bound

Members of the fleet gathered for a photo op on their way to supper with the tourist office staff. A supper we sponsored to thank them for their amazing hospitality.

Abundant Food

lots of laughing and a few tears...a wonderful time.

Faces of the Tourist Office

Arfi (on left) and his boss, Marwan commented about our stay...we had hoped the boss would see how happy we were with Arfi and his staff. I think he understood.

A Goodbye Photo

of everyone...including the boss.

Diane and Geoff

of "Heather May" set sail for Raja Ampat and eventually Australia...


Her name is pronounced "CHO cho" and she is a treasure.


high school children interviewed Leslie & Suzi (of Sidewinder). The boys were devilish and the girls very sweet, like good kids the world over

Our Body Guard

this lovely teacher finally dragged us away from the youthful paparazzi armed with smart phones...only to agree to pose with us herself.

A Visit to Carina

by Tal, Choco & Novha filled our cabin with laughter...

Zum Zum

from Tobelo we backtracked to Morotai's lagoon at Zum Zum (MacArthur) Island

Zum Zum's Dock

has an interesting motif


is popular here. This island was where he had his headquarters after liberating Morotai from the occupying Japanese

Zum Zum's

vegetation clings to its dry soil.

Goodbye Morotai

we will miss your people most of all


is an island on the NW corner of the Morotai lagoon. It is connected by reef to a chain of islands running south.


blanketing Halmahera to the west made for dramatic sunsets.

Oct 8, 2014

was a full moon and lunar eclipse - and our anniversary. Dodola was a perfect spot for viewing.