Home Again to the Puget Sound  - Fall 2017 - present



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September 11, 2017

Crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca and greeting the sunrise over the Cascades. An hour or two before the fog rolled in.

Richard Smith

Who saw us off in 2003, met us on the dock.


we found Halyard. Our new crew who at five months was as cute as can be.

A Shy Boy

he loved Philip from the very start.


Migration arrived with Bruce and Alene aboard.


Heberle from Guam!


inspected our house renovations/


Fresh from the NW Passage (westbound), they visited from Prince Rupert.


of Kuay who Leslie had last seen in Tonga in 2010.

Taking in

our view from Kingston.


in Quiet Time Park on the hill above the marina.


trees at the house.


old haunts in the big city while visiting doctors at the UDub.


Rachel Robertson Maxwell who Leslie had not seen since 1976.


began to explore outside. And to get in trouble.


was a crazy new experience. And so was swimming.


were warm and cozy aboard though.

Even When

it snowed


snow it did.


at Christmas


the marina was bathed in festive light. Joan and Tom came over from Sequim and braved the rain weather just to hear Elvis.


the snow continued to fall


for 16 hours a day was hard, though the Great Blue Herons didn't seem to mind.

Edd & Philip

share a birthday, so we splurged at Ray's Boathouse.


we marched.

Fathom Marine

came and removed the ailing old Yanmar for a rebuild.


learned to hunt...sticks and shells and seaweed!

And We Visited

our Discovery Bay property and began to plan. L'Arietta

And Found

an inspired designer in GreenPod - Ann Raab.

Nephew Ross

helped try to find the view.

We Were

invited to join the wonderful CCA. Thank you Joyce and Tad Lhamon and Neil Sirman.


sailed in one day, surprising us.

When Sidewinder

came back to town, we had a fun day in the woods at L'Arietta with Joan & Tom and David & Suzi

A Few Months

go by and the Yanmar is back! Thank you Fathom Marine.

Lang & Mary Hadley

moved into their lovely new home in Sequim. We visited a couple months later with Jean Hanners and again Joan & Tom. What fun!

And the Woodsmen

cut some trees at L'Arietta. Neil & Nancy Sirman.

And We

made sails for the wonderful group at the Chamorro Bay Youth Sailing Club in Yap.


with the Yanmar back, we were finally able to make the trek to the boatyard. Not fun.

The Best

part of the boatyard was finding Gerry Sherman again. He was a dockmate in Kingston.

A Three

day boatyard stay that became 10 days but we were once again afloat with our drive train better than ever and our bottom immaculate. Thank you again, Fathom Marine.

Carina & Sidewinder

took a shakedown cruise to lovely Mystery Bay.

We Hiked

to Fort Flagler and the boys had fun.



And We

found oysters at the Nordland General Store.


back at the P-Patch, the crops were flourishing.

Thanks to

our neighbors who helped nourish our crops while we were out of town.


it was time to re-visit our old haunts.


was scared of the engine and not always comfortable...but otherwise very cute.

At Aleck Bay

Becca and Derek were welcoming. By landing at their dock we were able to visit what we call Bud's Point.

Bud's Point

is a spectacular spot.

And It

had been 18 years since we'd been here. 26 since we visited here with Bud.

At Deer Harbor

we met with friends Jim and Jan of Maņana and Chuck of Deviant. Stupidly we didn't take photos.


Stuart Island and Prevost Harbor


Post Office is unique.


its highways rough. There must be a story here.

The Turn Point Lighthouse

was commissioned in the 19th century.

Turn Point is

where the Haro Strait becomes the Boundary Passage. That's Canada to the west.


thought being at anchor was just grand. Being underway...well.


is an old favorite. These are the "China" caves.

The Hiking

trails are magnficent.


grape were in fruit. As were the salal that Philip happily munched.

Next Stop

Olga, or Buck's Bay, Orcas Island

Buck Bay

Seafood Farm occupies the flats of otherwise useless Buck Bay.

Our Last Anchorage

was once again Aleck Bay. We visited Bud's Point twice this stay.

For the Record

...we were here 26 years and a hundred lifetimes ago.

And It

was time to say goodbye. We might not be back this way again.