Fiji - Taveuni

[southern summer 2011] - updated November 2, 2017


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Tight Fit

Inside the reef at Naselesele Point there is little wiggle room for anchoring, and we had swell from a couple of directions. Not untenable, but not perfect. Under tradewind conditions this WOULD be a perfect spot.

The View, However

was fabulous and we had our screens out at night for the first time in months. We were the only sailboat for about 60 miles and enjoying the isolation.

On Shore...

across the street from the well-stocked (real mozzarella!!!) Bhula Bhai and Sons grocery store, was Bubbu's Billards and Grog. Only in Fiji...

Storms over Vanua Levu

From our vantage point on Taveuni, we were able to view the storms then plaguing Vanua Levu.

Coconut Boy

This young lad of about 10 decided we needed some drinking coconuts (plus, he had to show off) and so climbed this palm and kicked the nuts down with his foot.

Yukking it Up

This passle of boys swarmed to us when we came ashore and were delighted to pose with their gifts of mango-flavored lollies.

Rotary International Was Here

This neat little med dispensary was apparently donated by the Rotary Club of Taveuni.

Bus Stop

We decided to hike to the Tavoro Water Falls one day and found some of the village men constructing this bus stop for the village children.

Boys will be

As the supply of lollies ran out, the boys gathered around Philip to try to get their share.

Bouma Heritage Park

This neat and well-kept national park had numerous nature trails winding into the jungle.


Philip clowns it up by pretending to take a bite out of a cassava leaf. The trees are ubiquitous throughout Fiji and cassava is a staple food.

Tavoro Falls

The falls were impressive and the water refreshingly cold after a short hike. Notice Philip's head (he is swimming) - this will give you a sense of scale.

Tavoro Falls

Another shot of the falls.

A Bit Rolly

Philip donned his bathing suit and swam out to where the water landed from the falls above.

Enjoying the View

We hiked up to the overview where Philip met this fair Fijian maiden.

Qamea from Taveuni

This is the view of Qamea from the view point.


We asked a villager who lived in this distinctive house and were told it was used for guests who decided to stay in the village over night.


We met a wonderful and entertaining couple, Peter and Lillian, who were originally from Denmark but, 20 years ago, bought a 3,000 acre estate and began to raise fruit (mostly pineapple) and vegetables. They are educating Fijians in novel ways of farming.