[March - July 2007]


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Jake Inspects Work

We came to La Libertad specifically to refit Carina. Jake inspects the taping done by our paint prep crew.


Anya, Judy, Sami & Gaby

Our early arrival allowed us to spend time with friends on Encanto who we hadn't seen in six months. They left for the Galapagos three weeks later.

Encanto Departs La Libertad

A disintegrating dock forced Encanto to drift off with only John aboard while crew were brought out by lancha for departure to the Galapagos.

Farallon Dillon

Up the road a piece from La Libertad is Ballenita (little whale) where the restaurant/hotel/museum Farallon Dillon has hundreds of marine antiques.

Ecuadorian Taxi

Though Ecuador is an oil exporting country, motor vehicles tend to be energy efficient. This taxi is used to ferry passengers and cargo around town.

Model Conditions in Boatyard

Life in a boatyard is rarely dull; a photographer and model chose Sumatra's inflatable as a prop during a shoot.


Tripper, a feral boatyard cat, was a favorite amongst cruisers - especially Ed of Kuay - and was the first kitty we had neutered.



A cruising kitty named Daria injured herself while her family was in the USA. Philip assumed responsibility for caring for her injuries.

To market, to market, to...

One Saturday friend Hermy of Iwa joined us to visit the market in La Libertad.

Bebidas to Go

A favorite drink in Ecuador is shaved ice combined with fresh fruit juice.

Market Day in Town

Farmers come from all over the region to sell products on market day.

Niņa Guapa

Ecuadorian children are especially beautiful.

Feet Optional

Fresh chicken is sold from competitive "puesta de pollo" booths.

Abundant Produce

Vegetables in Ecuador are hearty and inexpensive.

Human Powered Transport

Goods are moved around La Libertad's market the old fashioned way by bicycle or wheelbarrow.

A Generous Gift

Jhonny Gonsalez smiles as he receives a bicycle from Ed of Kuay in recognition of Jhonny's good work.