British Columbia, Canada 2017

Updated September 30, 2017

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Motoring in the Rain

Leslie is still able to smile during our BC summer cruise in spite of the rain and cold.

Sunken Tollycraft

What a sight to see first thing in the morning at Cow Bay Marina. This boat was just across the way from Carina in Prince Rupert

Barge and Crane

Getting this barge and crane into tight fitting Cow Bay Marina in Prince Rupert must have been a trick. To be sure, we weren't getting out of the marina this day.

Up she comes...

We can't imagine what the cost of raising this boat turned out to be. Two tugboats, a large barge and a huge crane were used along with divers and many other men. And on a Sunday!

Sunrise over Grenville Channel

The fog finally cleared this day to allow some dramatic looking scenes as we motored down the channel.

Dan and Linda Kennedy

Sometimes you immediately "click" with some people. Such was the case with Dan and Linda whom we met while doing the Inside Passage.

Lamborgini, Gus & Shelby

These three high-strung Italian greyhounds reside aboard Amante, Dan and Linda's catamaran.


was running on one engine and was headed south for an emergency haulout. We stuck together as we traveled south. They are just going cruising, so we were able to help them with many resources.

Scene along Grenville Channel

It may have been a motor boat ride but the scenery along the way was magnificent.

Grenville Channel

provided many sights of tall and imposing mountains sitting right on the water's edge.

Fraser Reach Cascade

Waterfalls were a frequent sight along the Inside Passage. This on fell from a great height off the mountains along the Princess Royal Channel.

Princess Royal Island River Flow

This mini waterfall shows the vast quantity of water being driven by the amount of rainfall and height of land.

Fraser Reach

We were continually passed by power pleasure and fishing boats leaving Alaska waters and heading south.

Floating Debris

In the tropics we had to look out for the occasional FAD but here in the Pacific NW floating logs and deadheads are the dangers to avoid. This log, possibly spewed out of a river due to heavy rain, as about 50' long.

At the end of...

a paricularly long day, we pulled into Horse Fly Cove and anchored in deep (100') water. The guidebooks warned of marginal holding but we hooked on solidly to the bottom.

Horsefly Cove

This small but beautiful waterfall was at the head of the small cove we anchored in. We would have loved to stay an additional night but were in a hurry to push on. We left at 0600 the next day in semi darkness.

Shearwater Sunrise

We tried to keep marina stays at a minimum but were compensated for stopping by this colorful sunrise the day after.

Cape Caution

This cape is one of the danger spots we had to traverse around. We were happy to see it in our rear view mirror.

Philip at the Wheel

Rounding Cape Caution, the wind suddenly picked up and was on a favorable angle. We were able to put up the staysail which greatly boosted our boat speed. We also dodged a humpback whale that appeared just a boat length away!

Each Day a New Anchorage...

In Belkinsop Bay we found a calm anchorage away from the raging currents of the Johnstone Strait. (Photo by Dan of Amante)

Johnstone Strait Mountains

We never tired of looking at the mountains as we motored by. This day was unusually clear.

"Lyric on AIS!"

This is what Leslie exclaimed when she looked at the electronic chart down below. Could it possibly be Joyce and Tad of our own Port Madicon YC?

Lyric with Joyce and Tad

Yes, and what a serendipitous meeting. We circled around each other and chatted for five minutes before going our separate ways. They were the inspiration years ago for our own cruising journey.


Naomi & John (nee Renova who we knew in Majuro in 2011-2012) and David & Suzi (Sidewinder who we left in Halmahera in 2015) converged on Carina and Amante at Gowlland Harbor on Quadra Island south of Seymour Narrows. We had a great visit in Amante's palacial cockpit. (Photo courtesy of Naomi Tabata, taken by David Sobelewski of Sidewinder)

BC Ferries

These ferries vary in size but a myriad ply the waters of the Inside Passage.

Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets

Massive fires in BC forests provided some magnificent scenery in the sky in the Strait of Georgia.


Returning from a reprovisioning trip to shore after anchoring in Comox Harbor, we were aghast to find some boat had t-boned Carina and left considerable damage (along with a note in the cockpit apologizing for the accident and giving contact information).

Alfredo and Peter on s/v Roberta

Before we had time to contact them, Alfredo and Peter motored out to apologize in person and give us additional contact information.

Tribune Bay, Hornby Island

This is a popular spot for cruising boats to anchor. We took a hike on the island and took a photo of Carina and Sidewinder anchored out.

David and Suzi...

enjoy a snack of blackberries along the hiking trail at Hornby Island.

The Original Tree Hugger

Suzi was in awe of the size of this old growth cedar tree.


we explored a bit of Hornby Island, landing in Whaling Station Bay, where locals snapped our photo. (Photo courtesy of David & Suzi of Sidewinder)

Water Tank and Native Art

We anchored in Tribune Bay on Hornby Island and took a stroll along with David and Suzi of s/v Sidewinder. This is actually a fire hydrant.

The Obligatory Photo Shoot

Huge logs wash ashore in Tribune Bay providing a perfect background for photos. These look a lot like the ones Leslie hit...

Are Those Bras?

Yes, a look in the binoculars confirmed this piling in Nanaimo was decorated with brassieres...hmmm, must be a story here.

Nueva Vita!

We last saw her at Isla Isabella in the Galapagos in 2007. Ten years ago. They did not appear to be home.


came to us at Kuper Island with his carvings. This dolphin is the one we bought.

Wow, Roger Allen

Roger emailed us when we were at Kuper. We'd lost his email but he'd been following our website. We a lovely afternoon and evening with he and Pearl in their gorgeous home on Galiano Island in the Gulf Islands.

Roger and Pearl's

view. Fantastic!