Isla El Cordoncillo (El Salvador)

Kindergarten Building Project

funded exclusively by the 2005 Bahia Del Sol Cruisers

and their friends and families

All Labor donated by Cruisers and Islanders.

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Estero Jaltepeque

Is a secure anchorage that is fed by many rivers. Entry requires crossing a hazardous, ever-shifting bar and requires a pilot.

Island Children

raised funds by making tamales. Island resident Jan provided delivery transport

Isla Cordoncillo

Is a small island within the estuary. It is home to many families and a small government school.

Island Children

The School

was constructed of concrete blocks with the exception of the kindergarten that was added later.

The Kindergarten

was a lean to made of corrogated metal

Tour & Meeting

A group of cruisers went to school to see the kindergarten & to meet with teachers. A decision was made to try to replace the kindergarten structure

School Children

dressed for learning!


was the kindergarten teacher

Kindergarten Room

The floor was dirt and the roof leaked. There are no windows or ventilation. Mosquitoes, rats, ants and cockroaches are everywhere.

Design Inspiration Costa Del Sol

A Group of Cruisers

traveled to Costa del Sol to see the design and construction of their new school.

John Amber

drew up plans for a similar structure which allowed us to establish a budget and to begin fundraising


A variety show, auction and supper were organized to raise some of the funds needed.

Cruiser Kids

wrote and presented a skit

Dana & Yvette

Fletcher & Andrew



A Hearty Meal

helped loosen up cruiser wallets


by Chris

Materials Acquisition

Murray arranged for clean sand to be delivered to the mainland and we filled bags for transport to the island

Razing Day

Philip and the island's presidente meet on razing day

Cruisers & Islanders

preparing for demolition

Down Came

the roof


the walls


was excited to help raze her classroom


of 5th Element examining support pole to determine safest way to topple it.

Almost There

Nothing is scapped

Neat Piles

of construction materials emerged

Even Artwork

was salvaged

Those Who

would use the school watched with interest

Construction Begins

Water was hauled to site for concrete


was mixed by hand

Murray & Denis

working on footings


of SV Encanto

Working in Heat

was exhausting



used his professional skills to massage the concrete pad



moving concrete

And Moreq

water for cement


helped in whatever way they could. Here a Mom is painting school beams in a beautiful "delantal" or apron

Pike & Island

man preparing pad

Murray & Island

man constructing studs


the ninos helped

The Roof

goes on!


the walls

Joe & Dave

constructing hog wire windows


of Panacea welding

It Takes

a team; Philip ready to drill

Young Men

were eager to assist


stood by and helped make us smile

Finishing touches



of Paradiso helping to install shelving

A Pinata



helping Joe with interior paint

Colette & Nelson

sweeping concrete pad


Colette & Doreen made an excursion to San Salvador for furnishings


a sewing team got busy

Judy & Samantha

designing a beanie bag chair

Denis & Philip

moving the teacher's desk up the beach trail from the dinghy landing

Mary Jo

guiding the file cabinet while Leslie pushes in the soft sand

Judy & Judy

moving the reading corner beanie bags

Opening Day!

Dedication & Fiesta

September 9, 2005


was poised as she delivered her speech


singing a Salvadoran folk song

Colette & Murray

live on the island and made the whole project possible


recited a poem he wrote for the occasion


cuts the ribbon


was solemn for the anthem


dancers helped make the fiesta merry

High School

dancers from a nearby town entertained the crowd

The Kids

clearly loved the beanies, the books and the tools for imagination


reading her statement of thanks for her new classroom

The Dignitaries

were the kids


read a statement from the cruisers