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                                                        Philip, Leslie, Halyard & the (late) fat cat Jake





Philip & Leslie began sailing together in 1991 when they bought a small, aging weekender sailboat from a neighbor and set about to learn to sail on the chilly waters of the Puget Sound of Washington State in the USA.  This modest little boat quickly sparked the dream of sailing adventures.  It would take them 12 years to cast off the mooring lines.


They moved aboard Carina in 2003 and departed Kingston WA for a cruise around the wide Pacific, moving slowly so as to savor the experience of immersion into the amazing diversity of the world's cultures.   They returned to Kingston in 2017 after 14+ years of adventures, closing their circle at Point Wilson in Port Townsend WA.  They have been active in the Seven Seas Cruising Association, serving as amateur radio volunteer examiners, commodores, roving ambassadors, frequent contributors to the SSCA bulletin, and were awarded the prestigious Clean Wake Award.  In March 2018 both Leslie & Philip were named members of the Cruising Club of America.


Philip spent his long career in banking operations in rural New Hampshire and in Washington State.  Just before he retired to his job as co-captain of Carina, he was a founding executive in two separate successful de novo community banks, a fun and rewarding denouement.  He is a passionate foodie and chef and a warm and generous host, and has a soft spot in his heart for small children and boatyard cats, and a coin his pocket for the truly underprivileged.  He has a sharp memory for the written word and a razor-edged editorial pen, which combined with a witty writing style brings balance to Carina's writing team.  Publishing credits include works in: Good Old Boat, Ocean Navigator, Latitudes & Attitudes, Cruising Helmsman, Ocean Voyager, Cruising World, 40 Degrees North, Latitude 38, Blue Water Sailing and the SSCA Bulletin.


Leslie is the scientist of the family. A microbiologist by training, she enjoys applying her love of biology and her talent for visual communications into our adventure.  Her technical and management career beyond the bioresearch laboratory included such diverse positions as two stints as a corporate vice-president, biotechnical services manager, bioresearch technology consultant, bio-applications specialist and college instructor. She has written or co-authored scores of published works of all complexity from scientific papers to presentations to newsletters, brochures & press releases on subjects as diverse as bioseparations, amateur radio, human nutrition, cruising destinations, rigging & sail repair.  Her tenacious research technique and attention to detail serves her well in her roles as navigator, parts procurer, fact-checker and webmistress.  She holds USCG 100 GT Near-Shore Master's and Able Seaman Unlimited licenses.

Jake died May 5, 2016 in Leslie's arms, but his spirit lives on aboard Carina, if only in our hearts.  Jake walked into our family in 2001 and allowed us to stay so that we could provide him with all of the comforts cats expect.   In 2005 in Estero Jaltepeque, El Salvador he was lost overboard at night off a boat belonging to friends and was swept away in a swift current.  Miraculously, he was later found on a nearby island through the heroic efforts of many.  Despite a slow painful recovery from this near drowning experience,  he was "el jefe" aboard Carina for 11 more years and sailed many more miles than most cats.

Halyard joined our crew at on September 23, 2017 having done his sea time at PAWS of North Kitsap's Kingston facility.  












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