Our Cat Jake



Jake died May 5, 2016 in Leslie's arms. 


It was a very sad day. A day we did not want to ever happen. We truly hope he's out of pain and grinning down at us from a tuna-filled heaven. His mortal body rests beneath the sea - in Jake's Cove - with his collar and his toys .


Jake had it all: beauty, intelligence and attitude.  We miss him every day but our tears won't bring him back.  We have to remember all of the joy he gave us over 15 years.


Jake chose us.  And we are grateful he did.  He walked up onto our back porch in 2001, wiggled his way into our hearts and then allowed us to stay so that we could provide him with all of the comforts cats expect.   In 2005 in Estero Jaltepeque, El Salvador he was lost overboard at night off a boat belonging to friends and was swept away in a swift current.  Miraculously, he was later found on a nearby island through the heroic efforts of many.  Despite a slow painful recovery from this near drowning experience,  he was "el jefe" aboard Carina for 11 more years and sailed many more miles and saw more countries than most cats.  He flourished aboard with so many things to see and smell and with doting servants available around the clock.


His spirit lives on aboard Carina, if only in our hearts. 



We will eventually add a photo gallery to this page, but that'll take awhile as we have hundreds of photos; many never published. And right now it's hard to look at them...



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