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Review of Mason 33




Sail Plan




Refit in Ecuador 2007


Refit in Philippines 2015


Nesting Dinghy Design


Carina's Specifications

Carina is a cutter-rigged PAE Mason 33.  She was designed by Al Mason and built in GRP in 1986 by the Ta Shing Boatyard in Taiwan and imported by Pacific Asian Enterprises, Dana Point, CA USA.  She is PHRF rated at 168.  She is hull #16 [of 26 built]  and was launched as "Enjay" and later called "Crackerjack" and "Be My Valentine".  She is US Vessel #914317.  We purchased her in 1999 in Fort Lauderdale, FL and moved her overland to the Puget Sound region.  Her homeport is Kingston, WA, USA. 

Bacio, our tender, is an 80% scale version of the nesting dinghy "Chameleon", designed by Danny Greene of Bermuda.  She was built in our garage of  [primarily]  4 mm okoumé plywood using epoxy and the stitch-and-glue method.   Bacio is propelled by oars and a 3.3 Mercury outboard.  Bacio (pronounced Baah Chee Oh) means "kiss" in Italian.




Carina's Name 

Carina is an adjective that means "beautiful" in Italian (if you want the polite translation).  A young woman from Milan told that used as a noun, for a "sweetheart", that it means the woman is, perhaps, "saucy".

The equivalent word in Spanish is Cariña; e.g. cariña mia.

Carina is also a constellation of the "Argo Navis" group in the southern hemisphere. In this context, Carina means "keel".  The constellation Carina includes the navigational star, Canopus.  For constellation information, click here.

There is also a nebula named Carina that is 7500 light years from earth and hosts brilliant stars that emanate energy equivalent to hundreds of thousands of our sun.

LOA 33' 9"
LWL 25' 5"
Beam 10' 10"
Draft 5' 0"
Displacement 14,020 lbs
Ballast 5,320 lbs.
Sail Area 602 ft2