HF radio transceivers are one of the most important safety devices on a cruising sailboat.  They are used for voice communication (see below) but also for sending and receiving email and getting weather.   The most common type are "open" models which are able to be used on both marine and amateur bands.  Our HF radio aboard Carina is an ICOM M710RT which we use with an SCS PTC-IIPro pactor modem using pactor 3 technology.   Radio nets are regularly conducted discussions, normally moderated, which serve to provide shared communications amongst boats and sometimes land based stations. 


Marine (SSB) & Amateur (Ham) Nets

Updated April 2014


SSB Nets


Central/South America


    Pacific Mexico

Amigo—1400 UTC, 8122 KHz USB, switches to 4A after the weather

Southbound—0145 UTC, 4054 USB , no weather for winter schedule

Picante— 1330 UTC, 6212 USB winter only


NW Caribbean—1400 UTC, 6209 USB (alt.  6516 - 6D).

Panama Connection—1330 UTC, 8107, USB


Great Northern Boaters Net—3.870 MHz daily 0:800 hrs Pacific Time

Panama Pacific—1400 UTC, 8143 USB (alt. 8137, 8155, 6230 or 6C)

Patagonia—1200 UTC, 8164 USB, Wolfgang

Rag of the Air - 1900 Z, 8173 USB, Jim & Kyoko Bandy, Fiji

Namba Net - 0815 Local time (2115 Z), Vanuatu, seasonal, frequency TBA

Yokwe Net - 0745 Local time Majuro, Marshall Islands (+12 GMT), 6224 USB

Sheila Net - 2200 Z, 8161 USB

Shellback Net -0900 Local Time (+11 GMT, 2030 Z), cross equatorial, 8107 USB


Gulf Harbor Radio Weather  - 1930 Z, 8752 USB with 8297 as alternative frequency.  Yacht weather for the So. Pacific from New Zealand.

Ham Nets



Intercontinental—before MMSN, 14,300 USB

Maritime Mobile Service (MMSN) — 12 noon - 2100 Eastern, 14,300 USB

Pacific Ocean

Great Northern Boater's Net—1600 (0800 PST), 3870 & 7285 LSB

Tony's Net—2100 UTC, 14,315 USB

Pacific Seafarer's—0300 UTC, 14,300 USB

Pacific Island—0000 UTC, 14,135 USB, Gunther


Sonrisa—1430 UTC 3,968 winter schedule

Mañana—1830 Zulu 14,340 USB


Central/South America

      Central American Breakfast Club—daily except Sunday, 1300 UTC, 7083 LSB (alt. 7086 or 7080 LSB)