Roderick Bay HideAway, Nggela Sule, Solomon Islands



Attached is a picture of Gnomad at the village of Roderick Bay on Nggela Sule Island in the Solomon Is. This island, also known as Florida Island, was the site of the former capital of the Solomons - at Tulaghi - before events of WWII. After WWII, the capital was moved across the strait to Guadalcanal at Honiara. Roderick Bay is on the north side of the island off Sandfly Passage.

The children of the village are shown with the two boys off the yacht Love Song - Morgan & Wyatt - who sent you a dispatch from the Marshall Is. The children in this photo are all part of the extended family of brothers John, David and Nathaniel Ruka. You'll notice some of the children, though Melanesian, have light hair, even blond hair. This is common in the Solomon Islands and is the result of a gene recently described in scientific literature.

The village of Roderick Bay is hosting eight yachts for what they hope to be an annual festival of culture - dancing, music, food, village and garden tours and crafts. If you visit our website in a few weeks, we'll have been able to post photos of the village's festival.


Your friends of SV Carina,

Philip, Leslie and fat cat, Jake