Pacific Crossing

Dear Ms. Bender and students;

Gnomad arrived safely at Hiva Oa, Iles Marquises, French Polynesia after 28 days at sea.  The total mileage for the trip was 3,127 at an average of 112 miles per day.  Attached is a photo of Gnomad during a day of spirited sailing when seas rose to almost 4 meters.
The Marquesas were settled by Polynesians probably from Tonga or Samoa in the 300-500 BC.  The Marquesan language is most closely related to Hawaiian and it is believed Hawaii was settled by emigrants from the Marquesas.   In succession, Spain, the UK, the USA and France claimed the islands for their own.  Today, the Marquesas, together with the Tuomotus, Austral Islands, Society Islands and Gambier, are a French overseas territory with Tahiti as its capital.  Most residents of of these lush volcanic islands speak French and Marquesan.    Goods are shipped through Tahiti and taxes are significant, making most commodities expensive.
From Hiva Oa, we plan to travel to other islands of this group, including Fatu Hiva, Tahuata, Ua Pou and Nuka Hiva before sailing off towards the Tuomotus.

Best regards,
Philip and Leslie
SV Carina
Hiva Oa, Iles Marquises, French Polynesia