Savusavu, Fiji




After a long stay in Tonga for the Pacific cyclone season, Gnomad traveled to Fiji by way of Wallis Islands.

Fiji is an independent republic set about 1000 miles north of New Zealand.   Fijians are Polynesians but the population is almost half Indian, descendents of peoples brought from India to work in the sugar industry.  There are two primary large islands and hundreds of smaller ones all surrounded by dangerous coral reefs.    The area between the two islands is called Bligh Water, after the famous captain Bligh.

Our port of entry at Fiji is Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu.  Gnomad is shown enjoying the deck of the Savusavu Yacht Club set on Nakama Creek, a small inlet on Savusavu Bay.

Philip and Leslie
sv Carina
Savusavu, Fiji