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With APOLOGIES but our website host has apparently discontinued our Guestbook as of March 2018.  It appears - as of April 22, 2018 -  that old entries can still be viewed at the following link.

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Please use our land based email for larger email such as those with attachments, etc.   Click here to Compose.

We do have email that comes to our boat directly through our radio.  For this type of email, bandwidth is extremely limited so please be succinct and [although we love them] no jokes or attachments.  Please don't let this stop you, we would love to hear from you.  Contact us by using our email contact link (above) and we will send you our direct-to-boat email address.

We want to keep in touch!  If you just want to follow our progress while at sea, see YOTREPS, Shiptrak, or Winlink [below]. 


Mailing Address - Updated

Philip DiNuovo/Leslie Linkkila

PO Box 1071

Kingston, WA 98346 USA


As of September 14, 2017, we are back in Kingston WA, our home port.



We may have a telephone in some countries, but such would be only for local calls.  Thus it's best to email us if you need to reach us.


Social Media

        Skype:  We are occasionally able to access Skype. 

                            Skype ID:  svcarina  


                   SV Carina Leslie or SV Carina Philip DiNuovo


Passage Notes are summaries of our adventures.  These are published approximately once per month and sent to an email list. 


If you want to receive our Passage Notes by email, please Click here.


A NEW feature, our blog that is called: Our Ocean Log, will be posted to the website directly from sea. 



Internet Position reports - Yotreps & Winlink

We will  report our position into the Yotreps and Winlink systems while at sea.  Both allow yachts to report their position, weather, sea conditions, etc. while at sea via SSB/Ham email.   You can also find our report on Shiptrak.


Look for Carina as call sign:   WZ7LL



Carina's Call Sign:     WCZ5553

MMSI:                     366880620

Amateur (Ham) Call Signs:   


Philip    K7PAZ, A31PZ (Tonga) , V73DP (Marshall Islands)—nee KD7QFF

Leslie    WZ7LL, V637LL (FSM), V73LL (Marshall Islands)—nee K7LEL, KD7WAI


Click here for a list of Radio Nets.



Cruising Club of America

Both Leslie & Philip were nominated and named members in 2018


Seven Seas Cruising Association

Commodores, Roving Ambassadors, Volunteer Ham Radio Examiners &

NEW Cruising Station Hosts for Kingston WA USA

Awarded Clean Wake Award 2012


Port Madison Yacht Club - Port Madison, Bainbridge Island, WA, USA


Island Cruising Association, Affiliate Members

Mieco Beach Yacht Club, Majuro, Marshall Islands

Musket Cove Yacht Club, Malolo Lailai, Fiji

Royal Belau Yacht Club, Palau

Pacific Seafarer's Net - volunteers

ARRL-volunteer examiner (VE)   

Club Cruceros de La Paz, La Paz, Baja, Mexico

Agate Pass Power Squadron (former members)




Our Boat Card    


Boat cards are carried to exchange with other cruisers so that you can more easily stay in touch with your new friends.  We also present them to government officials and village chiefs as a calling card and a show of respect.  Although many are quite elaborate and may even have colored photos of the cruisers, Carina's simple b/w card was done in Publisher and is printed aboard on a tiny ink jet printer.