[150921, 2147 UTC, Kima Bajo, Sulawesi, Indonesia, 0136.16'N / 12451.97'E]


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Dear Friends;

We just received a Facebook message from friends at the Holiday Ocean View Marina on Samal Island in the Philippines, the place we left just 3 weeks ago. Apparently, 20 armed men broached the sea wall at the marina at about midnight last night and seized four individuals: Kjartan, the marina manager (Norwegian) and 3 other people on yachts, John (a Canadian), Robert (a Canadian) and his Filipina girlfriend. We have no additional information at this time but suspect the news will go international.

We are currently in Sulawesi in Indonesia on a rally and are about to pull our anchor and head out to a destination east. All is well on Carina but we are devastated by the news.

Your friends of the yacht Carina,

Philip, Leslie and fat cat, Jake

At 9/21/2015 and 4:27 UTC (GMT) our position was: 0136.16'N / 12451.97'E