[150315, 1020 UTC, Samal Island, Davao Gulf, Philippines, 07-11.8 N / 125-42.7 E]


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Dear Friends;

On our side of dateline, yesterday was "Pi Day".  3 14 15 the day with a date that matches the mathematical constant that defines circular objects - e.g., disks, spheres & cylinders. Another day with such as auspicious date will not occur for one hundred years. When we learned of this (not an original concept), we decided it worth a few bits of energy to arrange a small celebration of science - all types of science - here at the marina during happy hour. But since our life aboard in partitioned into dozens of tiny baggies holding fittings and our hardware is scattered somewhere around the property in various stages of repair, such an undertaking only added to our chaos. But such silly diversions, after working hours of course, keep us somewhat sane.

Our Pi celebration was whimsical as we sipped libations and nibbled circular snacks. We made all - even those somber faced guys sitting drinking beers and staring to sea - blow up balloons and then measure the circumference. Why? Ah, then we put the balloons in the 'frig. We were hoping some divers would come up with the formula for the ideal gas law but even those amongst our crowd seemed not to understand our fun. The 11 year old from a kid boat was entertained...and maybe we moved a synapse a fraction or two for his future reference.

Friend Eddy had an impressive demonstration of making a battery out of limes. Limes that fall each day from the tree at the edge of the boatyard. He generated 7 V and lit an LED, just with limes, galvanized nails and copper wire. He showed limes in parallel and limes in series and showed amps and volts. Very very cool. The kid was mildly amused and paused briefly from eating his Pringles.

Friend Suzi brought red cabbage juice and we used it to talk pH. We tested bleach, vinegar, purified water, marina well water, milk and kefir-fermented milk...I think we even stole a wee bit of someone's instant whipped cream.

Your friends of the yacht Carina,

Philip, Leslie and fat cat, Jake

website: www.sv-carina.org