[140318, 0041 UTC, Wa'ab Island, Yap, Fed. States of Micronesia

0930.8 ' N / 138  07.4' E]



Dear Friends;

We've just published more photo galleries from Yap State of Micronesia. The easiest way to find them is to click on "What's New" on the Carina website front page ( www.sv-carina.org ) and then click on the titles. Alternatively, you can click on Our Pictures on the navigation bar along the left side and then scroll down through the links.

One of these fine days we'll have time to edit all the video we took of the spirited singing and dancing we saw and find an internet hot spot with the bandwidth that will allow us to upload video. Someday. Maybe. We're hopeful.

We have also been working on modifying the format of the website, so please excuse its mixed formatting. We welcome reports of broken links, typos, etc.; they are always appreciated.

We are currently enjoying squall after squall with rain and winds in the thirties as a predicted low moves off to the southwest. We are snug in a relatively protected spot and all four boats here seem to be anchored well.

Your friends of the yacht Carina,

Philip, Leslie and fat cat, Jake