[140306, 0806 UTC, Wa'ab Island, Yap, Fed. States of Micronesia

0930.8 ' N / 138  07.4' E]



Dear Friends;

We are now anchored at Wa'ab Island, the "big island" of Yap State. "Big" is a misnomer, Wa'ab is actually 4 volcanic islands that share a reef that's about 12 miles long and 4 miles wide at its widest part. We have traveled 1345 nautical miles since we dropped our mooring at Pohnpei on January 11, 2014.

The only really "big" thing of Wa'ab is that there is civilization here in the form of the internet, cars, restaurants, and grocery stores, though please don't envision your local Thiftway when you think of a grocery store here. A grocery store is also a hardware store, clothing store, office supply, garden center, etc. Colonia is the town center on Tamil harbor; walking its length might take you 20 minutes but that's if you amble.

We have many stories still to tell - of racing out of Woleai and sailing hard ahead of a predicted typhoon that never came our way, of festive and cultural Yap Days, of outdoor adventures, of failed equipment, and of shipwrecked friends found.

Why we're writing today is to say we've updated our website with dozens of new pictures from Pohnpei, Ant, Lukunor and Lamotrek. The easiest way to find the new material is to go to our homepage www.sv-carina.org and click the link to the "What's New" page. We still have much work to do to upload our stories and pictures, but we're making progress. Please understand our "construction dust" if you find broken links or typos.

Write us if you get a moment. To those we owe correspondence, please excuse our delayed response. We hope you are well as we are.

Your friends of the yacht Carina,

Philip, Leslie and fat happy cat, Jake