[121120, 0549 UTC, Underway to Kosrae from the Solomon Islands

0711' S / 157 52' E]


Dear Friends;

At just after 4pm local time, Tuesday November 20, 2012, Carina passed through the reef in the Manning Strait between Isabel and Choisel Islands,headed north away from the Solomon Islands. We had a slow start from Liapari Island, spending most of Sunday becalmed in "the slot" of the Solomons, unwilling to burn precious fuel too early in our long voyage to Kosrae. Yesterday we stopped at the Arvanon Islands to look at weather; there is a storm brewing south and east of us near our friends in Tikopia and Vanikoro -which may be a cyclone before it finishes its run through the South Pacific-and we wanted to make sure we knew its prognosis before poking our bow out. (A boat was dismasted in its path and called into a regional radio net this morning and we are thinking of them and hoping they are weathering the storm okay.)   It poses no danger to us as it is projected to move south to Vanuatu as it intensifies and we are moving north and away from it.

A squall this morning filled our water tanks and we topped up the fuel tank and had a long restful night and are recharged and ready. We will occasionally send notes to our Ocean Logs which you can find a link to on our website and will be reporting our position on the Pacific Seafarer's net which will show up on Yotreps at:


Your friends of the yacht Carina,

Philip, Leslie and fat cat, Jake

website: www.sv-carina.org