[120521, 2342 UTC,  Underway Marshall Islands to Solomon Islands

0524' N / 171 20' E]

Dear Friends;

We have just passed the 24 hour mark of our 1,200+ nautical mile passage from Majuro Atoll in the Marshall Islands to the Solomon Islands.  We've been sailing with a triple-reefed mainsail, staysail and partially-reefed genoa; varying from beam-reaching to beating hard to weather, sometimes having green water streaming down Carina's side decks.  The weather has been mostly fine, but squalls have come and gone, sometimes at the rate of a few per hour, and keep us on our toes, ready to pull in more sail.

We hope to make our first landfall at Tikopia, a Polynesian enclave and feudal society living on the remains of a caldera in the far eastern end of the archipelago.  Why we say we hope to make landfall here, is that the gods of current and wind may dictate otherwise.  The passage is basically the reverse of the passage we made coming from Vanuatu to Majuro, 7 months ago, which was challenging.

As you may recall, we arrived in Majuro expecting to collect an ocean shipment of AGM batteries for Carina and then be underway immediately.  These best laid plans were of course impossible to implement, one thing led to another, and we stayed for the entire season, and some.  While Majuro has a deserved reputation for trash, disease (such as diabetes, tuberculosis, heart disease), class inequality, government corruption and apathy, we enjoyed Majuro as it is amongst the community of ex-pats, cruisers and Marshallese.  We met some amazing people, made many new friends, and came a little closer to understanding the complexity of the situation that the Rep. of the Marshall Islands is facing.  So, we're glad we visited, but we're also thrilled to be underway and onto our next travel adventure aboard the good little ship, Carina.

While underway we'll be sending little blurbs of day to day life to our Ocean Logs section of our website, www.sv-carina.org, so please visit there if you are curious about our passage.  Otherwise, you'll hear from us again when we send out another dispatch after reaching the Solomon Islands.


Your friends of the yacht Carina

Philip, Leslie and fat cat, Jake