[100213, 1832 UTC, Neiafu, Vava'u Group, Kingdom of Tonga; 1839.46'S / 17358.92'W]


"The Flip Side"

Dear Friends;


Cruising to distant ports does have its allure but sometimes paradise wants to bite you in the butt. Cyclone Rene is north of us and weather services project it to track down in our direction and pass directly over Vava'u, Tonga in two days.


We, and the other cruisers in Neiafu, have spent the last few days trying to prepare for Rene's arrival. Carina is as ready as she will ever be. She is on a strong mooring and we've removed as much windage as possible. Carina is a tough little boat and we will leave her to fend for herself during the storm; we will take a room at a hotel and the three of us will try to wait out Rene there.


While off the boat we will have no email. Hopefully, if Carina is relatively undamaged after the storm, we will use our SSB and ham radio capabilities to establish emergency communications with the outside world.


We hope you are all well and we'll keep you informed as to our situation as soon as we can.


Your friends of the yacht Carina,

Philip, Leslie and fat cat, Jake