[090531, 0036 UTC, Baie de Taiohae, Iles Marquises, French Polynesia; 0854.88'S / 14005.90'W]

Dear Friends;

Yesterday a speeding power boat t-boned our dinghy with Philip aboard nearby the quai at Nuka Hiva in the Marquesas. Miraculously he escaped with only bruises. Our dinghy and motor are damaged severely and not functional. The captain of the Belle Marine has offered to pay for materials and labor for repairs. Leslie witnessed the accident from the quai. We will write a story from both of our perspectives as we work through the mess. For now we are stuck in Nuka Hiva and concentrating on getting our "wheels" back. Many of our friends anchored here are helping us to get around and have made offers of hard to find materials.

Vos amis du bateau Carina,

Philip, Leslie et le beau chat, Jake