[050519; 1600 UTC,

Estero de Jaltepeque y Rio Lempe, El Salvador

N 13 degrees 18.2/W 088 degrees 53.9]


Dear Friends:


Yep, he's coming; Tropical Storm Adrian. Thank you to everyone who's written with concern. This morning's NOAA report suggests he'll pass us just after midnight and come about 12 miles south of here. Winds 60, gusting 75. It's just started to rain but we've had no wind yet.


We're fine and very ready. We're inside a bar in a big estuary with little to no fetch in 10-15 feet of water in great holding mud. Everything's stripped off the deck and we're prepped for rains like never before seen since perhaps Noah's time. Right off Carina's south is a Navy unit with two ex-US Navy rescue boats, so things could be a lot worse.


There are about 50 boats in the estuary, they got one in yesterday right under the wire (he'd had an engine problem) and sent a panga out to give fuel to another guy who was losing ground trying to sail here against the current and who booked it for the next port south.


As always the cruising community here is prepped and self supporting; everyone's been great. We'll keep you updated...


Sus amigos del velero Carina,

Leslie & Philip y el gato supremo, Jake

SV Carina

lying Estero Jaltepeque, El Salvador