[040110, 2218 UTC, ~100 miles west of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico;

23º22.2'N/108º33.9' W]

Dear Friends;

A very quick note to update on our change of plans…

We left Los Frailes at 0437 this morning and are crossing the Sea of Cortez today and tomorrow bound for Mazatlan. We decided that we would yield to the prevailing winds and explore the mainland Pacific coast before heading up further north on the Baja peninsula.  We plan to go back to Baja once winds moderate.

We put up our sails at first light today and winds have been "perfect" - meaning on our beam or perpendicular to our course - with modest seas.  We hope to arrive tomorrow later in the day and anchor outside the harbor until the following day when the tide is high, winds will be light and we'll have plenty of light to see navigation aids.

Mazatlan has all of the services we need to take care of our boat chores, modest pricing for facilities and - if we are around long enough - a Carnaval celebration that's supposed to rival Rio.


Philip, Leslie with el gato marinero, Jake