[031129, 0325 UTC, northwest of Isla San Jeronimo, BCN, Mexico;

2948.9'N/11558.9' W]

Dear Friends;

We left Bahia San Quintin about 0840 local time and passed a lovely day cruising down the Mexican coastline on our way to a planned stop at Islas San Benitos. The winds have been very light except for a wonderful period from just after lunch 'til sunset when we enjoyed a civilized 10-12 knots on our beam. And what a sunset it was!

The big events today occurred just a half an hour apart....Philip caught not just his first tuna but his second tuna! The first was called a yellowtail; the second was much bigger and was a skipjack tuna. This evening Philip made yellowtail poached in onions and red wine for dinner. It looks like we won't need to be fishing for awhile! The secret was in the bait..."Andiamo" had advised us that they caught a tuna on a shredded Dorito bag (no joke), so we tried our "fringy" bait and bam(!) these guys were quick to hit. To get them aboard we had to quickly decommission the windvane steering and bring the boat into a "hove to" or parked position.

Tonight we are sailing about 10 miles west of a hazard called Arrecife (Reef) Sacramento and continuing down towards the "elbow" of Baja. We had hoped to reach San Benitos tomorrow before dark but if the winds don't pick up we won't and will likely try to slow the boat down to reach them after daylight the following day. We'll send an update from our next anchorage...

Until then,

Leslie, Philip and Jake the cat