[030829, 1741 UTC,  ca. 100 miles NW of  San Diego,  CA,  USA, 3322' N /118 58' W]

Dear Friends:

Land Ho!  Through hazy sunshine yesterday we spotted San Miguel Island in the Channel Islands off of Santa Barbara.  After a spirited afternoon gale, with steep following seas and an overnight run through the center of the islands, we are approaching the Outer Santa Barbara Channel and clear sailing all the way to San Diego.  Winds are light but we expect them to build again in the afternoon and evening and have them propel us to San Diego for an arrival mid-day tomorrow.  If the wind doesn't fill in - who knows?

Sailing at night has been for the most part quite wonderful (despite the sleep deprivation).  The phosphorescence in the whitecaps and in our wake makes it seem like you are flying through space on a magic carpet.  The effect is particularly intense if you stand in the cockpit looking aft at the sparkling undulating line the boat makes as it rocks back and forth while zooming down the ocean rollers.   Going 6 knots has never felt so exhilarating!

Leslie & Philip with Howard Hanners & Jake the cat