[030825, 1827 UTC, ~150 miles NW of San Francisco,  CA,  USA, 3840' N  / 125 35' W]

Dear Friends:
We are on our fifth day of sunny skies and north winds at or around 15 knots.  The weather station promises more of the same and we hope that they are right as we are moving along with little sail flying at or near hull speed.  The conditions seem sedate enough but the swell at 6+ feet (sometimes higher) makes the boat swing through as much as 30 degrees depending on the angle and the phase that the wave hits the boat.  This continues to make simple tasks difficult to manage.  We have altered our course a bit east to follow the coast east now that we are south of Point Arena and should pass the latitude of San Francisco today.  Day to day mileage dropped a bit over the last 24 hours as we rolled in a bit of genoa overnight to try to reduce speed and help the crew to sleep.  

We've seen little shipping except for a tanker adrift last night just at dusk that was right in our path.  We altered course but with his windage and drift with the current it took us a couple of hours to be safely clear of him.  The good news is that the captain indicated he'd picked up our signal on his radar at over 14 miles away.

Leslie & Philip with Howard Hanners & Jake the cat