[030725, 1904 UTC, Kingston WA USA, 475' N 1210 'W]

Dear Friends:
For those who don't already know, we are moving aboard our sailboat (yes, with Jake the cat), renting our home and going cruising on an open-ended adventure beginning in August.  Our addresses will be changing, so please change your address book now (before this message gets buried in your inbox)!

old address: pjdlel@earthlink.net
expires: August 17, 2003

new address: philipandleslie@sv-carina.org
please begin to use this now

Our mailing address will also be changing - our "post" mail will be forwarded to our ports-of-call by a family friend...

old address:     23030 Seatter Rd. NE
                        Kingston, WA 98346

new address:   c/o Joan McDermott
646 Osborn Rd.
                       Port Angeles, WA 98362

We have a website to which we will post updates and dispatches courtesy of Eleanor Linkkila.  If you'd like to receive email notifications of when we've posted a dispatch, you can find a link to sign up on the Dispatches page of www.sv-carina.org.  Visit the site if you are interested or just interested in keeping track of our progress...we plan to post to the YOTREPS yacht tracking program and information and links to this are on our website.  We will post as KD7QFF.  One caveat with YOTREPS...only progress at sea is reported.  Once in a port, postings cease.   Ergo, SV-Carina.org dispatches are a good supplement to YOTREPS.

We still have much to do but we are making progress.  We have signed a lease with a renter, sublet our marina slip, sold two of our three vehicles (down to the beater truck), done the blowout garage sale and will be packing up the attic and then sending the rest to charity on or around August 8th.  There are still some major boat items to be done, but certainly fewer than there were when we decided to take the plunge and cast off two months back.  Thankfully the weather in WA has been high 70s to mid 80s and dry for weeks now, making the work of getting ready a bit easier.

Fair winds,
Leslie & Philip