Kingston WA USA

Dated: 030530


Carina splashed* successfully, May 22, 2003 beginning at 1000 Pacific daylight time in Port Townsend, WA.  Just prior to splash workmen were scurrying to finalize electrical and mechanical systems - even the engine through-hull.  The travelift raised her from her blocks and Leslie [in her bunny suit] painted the portions of the keel that were covered by the support blocking and off she went to a salt water bath.

Once floating, the pros checked the vital stats of the new engine and assorted plumbing and fired up the new Yanmar.  [O hrs!]  A brief jaunt into Port Townsend Bay [sea trial] was uneventful and she was berthed in the boat haven [after a convoluted series of maneuvers].  Rigging and electrical details were completed Friday, May 23 and she began her journey home to Kingston through the PT Canal on Saturday, May 24 under cloudy skies, muggy temps. and flat seas.  She arrived home at 1430 local time.

Her list of upgrades seems overwhelming.  Electrical: bonding system, batteries and wiring, high output alternator, regulator, Link 10 house bank monitor and  battery temp. monitor.  Rigging: new mainsail and trysail halyards, extra jib halyard, new staysail halyard, upgraded whisker pole, "proper" preventer fitting, upgraded topping lift mechanism, new blocks, new rope clutches, new sheets, new roller furling line, upgraded genoa sail.  [Heaven!]  Mechanical: new engine[!], new through hulls, new plumbing galley and head.  General: bright work redone.  See Resources for professional contacts.  She's filthy, but stout and seaworthy.

Once back in her slip, cleaning Carina became the priority.  Weeks of tracked yard dirt, papermill and diesel residue and Lombardy poplar pollen were ground into every crevice.  She's now in her home slip and we're beginning the hard task of final upgrades and provisioning  before casting off...sometime on or about August 4, 2003.


* "Splash" - Carina was put back into the water after weeks of sitting "on the hard" in a boatyard.   See Our Pictures for a photo of Philip dressed for success and hard at work on Carina in the boatyard.