[Hanga Haa, Ile Nuku Hiva, Iles Marquises; 08 52.87'S/140 02.85' W]

Jocelyn and Anne approached us at Taiohae, Nuka Hiva after Philip was struck by a speedboat while in the dinghy..  Jocelyn is a physician and he insisted upon examining Philip for injury.  Later, while in Hanga Haa (part of Baie de Controleur) we had the opportunity to spend time with these lovely people aboard both Carina and their Spencer 44 yacht, Sundance.   One evening, Anne brought with her a sample of her Sirop de Citrons which is used to preserve lemons (limes) for lemon juice.  The intense flavor is wonderful and makes superb lemon juice (or lemonaide as we would call it in America).


1 kilo (liter) lemon (or lime) juice

zest of the lemons (limes) used to make juice (avoid white membranes which are bitter)

1 kilo (2.2 lb.) sugar

1/2 liter water


Mix water and sugar and bring to boil.  Add zest and cook 5-8 minutes.  Remove boiled mixture to tightly covered container and add juice.  Wait 24 hours and filter to remove zest.   Mix approximately 1 part syrup to 3 parts water for lemonaide.


Bon appetit!